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Calvin Christian School


There are 3 main purposes for the Dean position at Calvin:

• We want to better shape the character or our students and disciple them in Jesus name.

• We want to increase the connection, trust and accountability we have between home and school.

• We want to grow as a faculty in our ability to teach and reach all our students.

To that end, and more specifically, responsibilities would include:

• Student Discipline and Discipleship. Calvin’s dean would connect with students by being present and available in hallways and over breaks - including time in the lunchroom. Consultation with teachers where advice and special plans are needed and with students who need additional support – time to assess what specific children need.

• Teacher Coaching. Spend time each day in classrooms with students and teachers (including helping teachers with specific students that need additional support), bringing out the best in faculty.

• Teaching (35%). This position includes teaching 2 classes (6th and 8th grade Grammar/Composition) in the afternoon (from 12:53-2:13), and 6th grade homeroom from 2:55-3:00pm.

• Intervention/Accountability Plans. Some students may need the development of Behavior Modification Plans (created with the support of Leah Casson and/or Latrice Oglesby).

• Parent Engagement and Development. Investing in parents and meeting with them to ensure a strong partnership (Dads on Duty, Donuts with Dads, Muffins with Moms, Education Series).

• Writing. Be intentional about promoting the culture we seek and strive for - this will require working with Tanya Harper and Randy Moes and establishing regular communications each month over pertinent topics that moves us toward our mission.

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