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Curriculum written by teachers, for teachers

With their help, we've developed curriculum that is flexible, thoughtful, and steeped in Christian worldview with a reformed perspective.

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We are committed to equipping teachers for success. That’s why we provide comprehensive curriculum products, guides, and digital options to help teachers be engaging and effective. Our Bible and science curriculums give students an in-depth knowledge of the Bible, a strong faith foundation, and high-quality content that they can take and adapt per their school's needs.

Walking With God and His People


Bible curriculum that brings that Word to life.

Focuses on God’s story and how it has been revealed to his people. Students learn in a variety of engaging ways about themes and biblical characters within the historical context of the Bible. The curriculum also fosters faith development and a personal response in young learners.

Walking Subjects by Grade Chart

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High School Bible Curriculum

Grades 9–12

God’s big, continuous story, told in a new way.

Relevant, scholarly and rich in reformed worldview; the curriculum calls students to examine their lives and the role they play in God’s kingdom. The Old Testament study, God’s Unfolding Kingdom, begins by mapping out the “one big story” of the Bible. From there, the Hope for God’s Kingdom, New Testament study, continues the story through Jesus’ ministry and the early church.

God’s Unfolding Kingdom (OT) Scope and Sequence Chart

Hope for God’s Kingdom (NT) Scope and Sequence Chart

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CSI has provided a thoughtful, skillfully developed Bible curriculum. These materials are well organized for the teacher and include many fine resources. Activities that reflect varying learning styles are essential lesson components, and the Head, Heart, and Hands model for transformational learning is evident. Learners develop their knowledge of God and his interactions with his people along with a personal commitment and response to the Lord in thankful, obedient living.

Dr. Yvonne Van Ee

Professor Emerita
Calvin College Education Department

Science 2nd Edition

Grades K–9

Science is how we come to understand God’s marvelous creation and the systems put in place by his hand.

A hands-on program that encourages students to become actively involved in scientific discovery. The concrete, creative learning experiences are based in God’s Word and will enrich students’ knowledge of creation, affirm their faith in the creator, and enable them to use science to the glory of God.

Science Curriculum Inventory Update:
As of May 4, 2022, CSI is discontinuing the production of any additional science curriculum, as the cost of an update is unaffordable and the market for it is limited. If you are using our science textbooks, please be aware that we will not have any more product to sell once the current inventory is gone.

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And It Was Good Online Resource: Teaching Science from a Christian Worldview

Grades K–8

Seamlessly integrating faith with current Next Generation Science Standards and practices demonstrates to students that every inch of creation has been fashioned by God’s design. And It Was Good provides a model for incorporating Christian worldview into science education without compromising either faith or scholarship. Every purchase includes access to an online resource with links to activities and information that support the lessons.

About And It Was Good

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