Staff contacts by department

Sheryl Jo

Director of School Improvement

Allison Reiffer

Accreditation Coordinator

Josh Bowar

Regional Coordinator

John Gutman

Regional Coordinator

Mary Patterson

Regional Coordinator

Chris Rast

Regional Coordinator

David Ritter

Regional Coordinator

Arlyn Schaap

Regional Coordinator

Bob Van Wieren headshot

Bob Van Wieren

Regional Coordinator

Betsy Wilken

Regional Coordinator

Rachael Heyboer

Director of Product Development

Ashley Howe headshot

Ashley Howe

Curriculum and Instruction Department Specialist

Heidi Dean headshot

Heidi Dean

Curriculum and Instruction Bible Specialist

Darryl Shelton

Transitional CEO

Lindsay Monette

Director of Marketing

Meghan Meyer

Data Coordinator

Howard Van Mersbergen

Vice President of Employee Benefits

Todd Schilthuis

Pension & Insurance Account Manager

Brian Meekhof

Benefits Manager

Brenda Addie

US Pension Specialist

Val Avink

Benefits Assistant

Sandra Goodyke

Canada Pension Specialist

Karen Keuning

Project/Accounting Specialist

Laura Landstra

Canada Insurance Specialist

Karen Sharda

Administrative Assistant

Amy Slachter

US Insurance Specialist

Terry Kok

Membership Consultant