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Apply for Accreditation

Accreditation with a Transformational Christian Worldview

Each step your school takes toward accreditation is assurance that you are being true to your mission, thoroughly integrating biblical principles into school life.

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How to Apply

To apply for CSI Accreditation, schools must first be a member of Christian Schools International. If your school is not yet a member, learn more.

If your school is currently a member and you’d like to get started, complete the form below.

Team Support

If you are ready to apply for accreditation through Christian Schools International, our team will support you in making this next step on your school improvement journey.

We are available to answer questions and help your school get started.

Headshot of Sheryl Jo

Sheryl L. Jo

Director of Accreditation

“We appreciated that this whole process allows us to take a look at how we are integrating faith into the learning and culture at our school. The team gave us very helpful feedback and didn’t shy away from asking us difficult questions. They had an excellent understanding of our faith-based mission and approach to education, as well as the uniqueness of serving a diverse student population as a school. Thank you so much to all involved in helping us to grow as a school.”

Hope Academy, Minneapolis, MN