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Kalamazoo Christian School Association

Spanish Immersion Teacher

Kalamazoo Christian Schools is looking to hire a Spanish Immersion Teacher for Elementary and Middle School.

Teachers at Kalamazoo Christian Schools carry out faithfully all the responsibilities of a Christian teacher by preparing students to serve God responsibly in His world, by equipping them with knowledge, skills and a Biblical vision for life, for the advancement of His Kingdom.

The preferred candidate will be able to demonstrate a strong & active Christian faith. He/She will understand & be committed to the mission & vision of Christian education.

Fundamental job skills & competencies include collaboration, communication (oral and written), critical thinking, dependability, interpersonal skills, organization, providing motivation & confidence, relationship/team building, stewardship, technology competency, & time management.

Job Requirements

Must be a native speaker or near native fluency in Spanish and English.

Education Requirements

  • Qualifications are a BA or MA in Education or related field from an accredited college or university.
  • Current certification in the subject area or grade level preferred.

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Human Resources
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