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Beaver County Christian School

Social Emotional Learning Counselor

The SEL Counselor will support the full spectrum of student needs including social, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs in grades K-8.

Position Purpose

The purpose of this position is to partner with parents and teachers in fostering a climate for all students to achieve their God-given potential through differentiation, curriculum development, and small group instruction with competence and compassion.

While this description serves to outline many of the expectations for this position, BCCS strives to build a team of professionals who work beyond job descriptions, are enthusiastic to be part of the BCCS faculty and staff, and are ready to work together to develop, operate, and maintain a challenging, excellent educational program reflecting a Christian world and life view in an environment that stresses compassion and responsibility.


This position is to fall under the learning support umbrella to support the full spectrum of student needs including social, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs in grades K-8.

The SEL Counselor will collaborate regularly with the Director of Student Learning and Learning Support Support Coordinators for delegated responsibilities. Beyond this, he/she is ultimately responsible to the Building Principal.

Job Requirements


  • Assist students with emotional, social, spiritual, and academic needs individually or as a small group.
  • Assist teachers with students dealing with social emotional learning (SEL) needs. May give in class support as needed.
  • Assist Learning Support Coordinator working together in the best interest of the student as needed.
  • Assist parents and families in communicating with them the needs of the student and providing outside resources as needed.
  • Assist Building Principal with providing SEL in grades K-8.
  • Work with the High School Counselor in bridging middle school to high school and meeting to discuss the support of social emotional needs at the middle school level.
  • Teach in class lessons or small group settings dealing with a variety of social emotional needs.
  • Develop Elementary School Counseling Program with the help of the High School Counselor, Learning Support Team and Building Principal.
  • Provide training and support for teachers as necessary.
  • Handle all interactions with families with grace and professionalism
  • Handle stressful situations with patience, understanding, and flexibility
  • Continue intellectual and professional development
  • Encourage all students as uniquely gifted by God
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by Building Principal

Personal Characteristics

  • Demonstration of Christian faith by being able to express specific knowledge of the Bible and its application to subject area(s); practice daily devotions of prayer, reading of God's Word and meditation; give Christian service to others both within and outside the school; model an exemplary Christian walk in speech and acts and submit to authority out of obedience to Christ.
  • Agreement with Articles II and III of the Constitution and have a credible profession of faith and an active membership in a church that agrees with the school’s statement of faith.
  • Observe the Additional Personal Qualities found listed in the Teacher Job Description and follows Matthew 18 principle in dealing with conflict with students, parents, and administration.
  • Follows the conflict resolution process summarized in Peacemaker Ministries

Education Requirements

Educational Requirements

Ideal Candidates have:

  • Masters in School Counseling or Child Psychology or related field
  • Licensed or Certified in school counseling or related field
  • Experience in a school setting or working with children in therapy-related fields.

All candidates must have:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or related field
  • Commitment to further education in the field
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of and commitment to Christian Education

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