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Arborbrook Christian Academy

Athletic Director and PE Teacher

Arborbrook Christian Academy in Matthews, NC is seeking a Physical Education Teacher who will also serve as our Athletic Director.

PE Teacher Job Description:

The basic job description includes the following:

  1. Conduct daily PE classes for grades Kindergarten – 6th grade (20-30 minute classes).
  2. Other duties as assigned.
  3. Be a good role model for students.

Athletic Director Job Description:


To provide leadership for the development and supervision of the Arborbrook’s athletic program in accordance with its mission statement and the policies, the Athletic Director must see that the athletic program maintains its proper perspective in the total school program while attaining the objectives that best meet the needs of the students and the Arborbrook community. The Athletic Director reports to the Head of School.

Personal Qualifications

  1. Be deeply committed to a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ.
  2. Demonstrate in his/her life the joy of the Christian life.
  3. Follow the Matthew 18 Principle in dealing with student-athletes, coaches, faculty, parents and administration.
  4. Possess the ability to work gracefully with parents, student-athletes, coaches, referees, and other school staff to develop a unified and successful athletic program.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to accept and carry out responsibilities and make competent, professional decisions.
  6. Have experience or educational training in the area of athletics, administration and/or athletic administration.

Professional Responsibilities

1. Supervision of Coaches

  • Find, recruit, and hire appropriate coaches for all sports.
  • Train coaches to effectively coach while impacting student-athletes for Christ.
  • Inform coaches of current certification requirements and ensure that they meet those requirements. Verify the Child Protection Policy is followed.
  • Ensure contracts are issued to coaches and received back from them.
  • Meet with each coach to discuss coaching philosophy, team rules, policy compliance, program improvement and program needs.
  • Oversee the development of the practice schedule of each sport.
  • Observe coaches in practice and in competition for sport knowledge, coaching practices, and ability to "walk in a manner worthy" of Christ.
  • Notify each coach of ineligible athletes according to policy.
  • Meet with each coach at the end of the season to review the season.
  • Help develop student athletes from the Arborbrook student body beginning in lower school.

2. Supervision of Athletic Programs

  • Provide each program with fair attention, supplies, equipment, uniforms, and facility opportunities.
  • Determine the best course of action with regard to local conference participation and potential membership with a state association.
  • Provide officials and support personnel for each Home contest.
  • Make arrangements to have each home game covered by a member of the leadership team or athletic director or assistant director.
  • Make, maintain, and publish practice and competition schedules for each team.
  • Create an appropriate schedule of games for each team.
  • Manage the Arborbrook sports website, online registration, and collection of fees.
  • Coordinate the athletic presentations each Spring.
  • Coordinate senior nights and other senior recognition times throughout the year.
  • Provide for the scheduling and hosting of all Pep Rallies.
  • Meet with the Athletics Parent Advisory Team for insight and input.
  • Look for opportunities to expand the athletic program

3. Supervision of Athletes

  • Observe student-athletes in practice and in competition for coaching respect, sportsmanship, and "walking in a manner worthy" of Christ.
  • Gather eligibility data according to the Eligibility Policy.
  • Work with student-athletes, parents, coaches and counselor to secure athletic exposure and college scholarships for talented student-athletes.
  • Maintain the athletics handbook with current policies and procedures.
  • Oversee concussion protocol to ensure all student athletes complete the necessary requirements once per academic year.
  • Determine the best course of action with regard to use of homeschoolers.

4. Supervision/Acquisition of Athletic Facilities & Finances

  • Be responsible for coordinating with Central Baptist Church any gym scheduling outside of school hours.
  • Be responsible for all athletic supply and equipment orders.
  • Ensure optimal gym floor conditions which includes daily sweeping, cleaning with the floor machine on all game days, weekly cleaning with the floor machine during times when games are not being played.
  • Oversee general gym maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Procure additional facilities as needed to meet the needs of the athletic program.
  • Provide for and oversee the appropriate funding of the entire athletic program with the help of the Head of School.
  • Oversee the administration of the athletic budget.

5. Supervision of Public Relations

  • Ensure that the results of all high school athletic home events are reported to the appropriate media.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with the media for athlete and school reports to the community.
  • Collect and maintain all athletic records.
  • Handle all correspondence pertaining to athletics.

6. Supervision of Athletic Communication

  • Update athletics web information.
  • Provide updates to the leadership team for inclusion in weekly newsletters.

7. Support the vision and mission of Arborbrook Christian Academy

  • Meet regularly with the Head of School to keep him informed of athletics.
  • Participate in the leadership team of Arborbrook Christian Academy.

Job Requirements

All teachers must have:

  1. A heart for God. They will be born-again, Bible-believing Christians in a growing relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  2. A love for children. They will be kind, nurturing individuals who enjoy spending time with young people.
  3. An ability to be a positive role model. They will do their best to live a life that is pleasing to God and therefore serve as a model for our young people.
  4. A call on his or her life to be a teacher. They will feel that teaching is one of their spiritual gifts and feel a call on their lives to teach and impact the next generation of Christ followers.
  5. Understanding of and be in agreement with the vision and mission of the school.
  6. A teachable spirit. They must be open to training from the principals and head of school. A positive attitude and cheerful demeanor should accompany their teachable spirit.
  7. At least a bachelor's degree, preferably in PE or the field of athletics.

Education Requirements

A bachelor's degree is required. Further education is preferred.

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