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Lafayette Christian School

Technology Teacher

Responsible for teaching computer skills for all grade levels (1st-8th grade). Also responsible for the school's computer system and teaching on level middle school math.

The position has two main goals. First, to be responsible for teaching all computer classes. For 1st through 5th grade this will be between 30 to 60 minutes per week. For middle school it will be a technology elective. Second this person will help all teachers and administration with computer issues.

As time allows this teacher might be responsible for a homeroom and teach one or two on level middle school math classes.

Job Requirements

A knowledge of computers and computer education. When a classroom teacher, using computers, runs into problems this person will be available to help resolve the issues. When state-wide standardized testing is done, this person will help teachers and test administrators set up the computers and make sure they are all connected to the Internet.

Also an ability teach very basic computer skills to 1st to 5th grade students.

The job would also require enough math skills to teach on level middle school math classes.

Education Requirements

BA in Education and a certified teacher. The school will accept certification from other states with the goal of obtaining an Indiana certification in two years.

Position Benefits

Health insurance and 3% matching simple IRA.

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