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Thirteen CSI Member Schools Are Approved for Accreditation

At its January 21st meeting, the CSI Accreditation Commission approved the accreditation of the thirteen CSI member schools who hosted accreditation site visits this fall.

Congratulations are in order for thirteen CSI member schools who were approved for accreditation during the January 21, 2022 meeting of the CSI Accreditation Commission. Ten member schools received renewals of their accreditation upon the conclusion of their current five-year accreditation cycles. The Commission also approved the initial accreditations of three member schools after they hosted their first accreditation site visits.

After the delays and extensions of school site visits brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a tremendous blessing for our accreditation teams to be back on campus again with our schools. While continuing to navigate unique and often challenging circumstances, these schools demonstrated the perseverance, faithfulness, and excellence which has been a hallmark of CSI schools during these difficult times. The Accreditation Commission praised these thirteen schools for their steadfastness in prioritizing continual school improvement and forward movement of their missions even in the midst of instructional conditions which often were less than ideal.

Schools accredited by CSI are now represented in twenty-eight states, plus the District of Columbia, the Dominican Republic, and Thailand. Please join us in congratulating the following thirteen schools on what they have achieved. To God be the glory!

Schools who achieved accreditation renewal are:

Ada Christian School (MI)
Arborbrook Christian Academy (NC)
Bellevue Christian School (WA)
Central Wisconsin Christian School (WI)
East Cobb Christian School (GA)
Morning Star Academy (IA)
Pella Christian High School (IA)
Sheldon Christian School (IA)
Siouxland Christian School (IA)
Western Michigan Christian School (MI)

Newly accredited schools are:

Hagia Sophia Classical Academy (IN)
Legacy Christian School (MI)
Southwest Minnesota Christian Schools (MN)

If you would like to learn more about becoming accredited with CSI, visit our accreditation webpage or contact , director of accreditation.

Southwest Minnesota Christian Schools

Communicated: The statement of faith, philosophy statement, and mission statement are articulated frequently and in a variety of ways so that the entire school family and community capture the vision of education from a biblical perspective. Measuring the Mission, Strand One, Indicator 1.1.2

Morning Star Christian Academy

Student engagement: Teachers design lessons and assessments that engage their students and promote active learning in the context of the school’s mission and educational goals. High-level thinking skills are employed across all curricular areas. Measuring the Mission, Strand Two, Indicator 2.2.6

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