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CSI Seeks a New President/CEO

Read the CSI president/CEO job qualifications, learn how you can refer a candidate for the position, and review how to apply for this opportunity.

The Board of Christian Schools International is prayerfully seeking a new president/chief executive officer to lead our organization in our ongoing mission to support Christian schools.

We are looking for a visionary leader with a deep Christian faith and a commitment to Christian education. As an administrator, the president/CEO will have the organizational expertise and strategic agility to move this multifaceted organization forward in a way that is thoughtful and intentional while remaining flexible to accommodate the fluctuations that are inevitable in our rapidly changing world. As a leader in Christian education, the president/CEO will be a collaborator and bridge-builder, seeking ways to work with other organizations with similar ideals and ministry goals. The president/CEO must be able to see and encourage the gifts of those in the CSI community, including staff and volunteers. He or she must be a systemic thinker, working collaboratively with others and willing to make difficult decisions should the need arise.


The ideal candidate will:

  • Be passionate about Christian education
  • Have a broad range of experiences within the world of Christian education
  • Be committed to CSI’s strategic plan
  • Have successful experience in managing a staff
  • Have some experience working with or on a board of trustees
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Be willing to commit a significant amount of time to travel
  • Hold a master’s degree or higher in a relevant field
  • Have deep and evident faith, great integrity, and trustworthiness

How You Can Respond to This Opportunity

Thank you for giving this document your time. If you want to help us in our search for the next CEO of Christian Schools International, there are several steps we hope you will consider.


The person God is going to call may already be serving with distinction in a Christian school on the Board or in administration or he or she may be heading an educational association, consulting firm, parachurch ministry, or a nonprofit.

Pray that God will excite the interest of the people who might be right for this role.

Ask God if the role we’ve been describing might be for you.


Pass this information and job posting along to someone whose face or name comes to mind as you consider this position today or in the days ahead.


Contact or and let us know whom you believe should be nominated for this important role. Take a moment to describe what it is about this person’s experience and expertise that qualifies him or her for this role. Please also share the nominee’s contact information.


If you feel a sense of call to this position and match the background required, please review the President/CEO job posting and apply.  

The new president/CEO will support the mission of our member schools who are teaching the next generation of Christ followers.