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Christian Schools International


CSI is seeking a president/CEO to be the chief executive officer of Christian Schools International and the Christian Schools International Foundation.

The president/CEO is the chief executive officer of Christian Schools International and the Christian Schools International Foundation. He or she is appointed by the CSI Board of Trustees for an initial two-year term, with subsequent reappointments of three years each.


  • Provide leadership, guidance, direction and direct or indirect supervision to the chief operating officer, all directors, and all other CSI administrative and operational personnel, enabling CSI to fulfill its missions.
  • Serve as the principal spokesperson—the public “face”—of CSI and representative of its programs and missions to its diverse constituencies and the broader community.
  • Provide leadership and direction in developing the organization of CSI, building its membership and serving its members, securing the necessary financial and physical resources to carry out such purposes.
  • Direct, supervise, and enable the hiring and development, through training and evaluation, of the necessary human resources for the accomplishment of CSI’s missions.
  • Ensure that all of CSI’s operations, practices, and procedures advance the missions of CSI and are in compliance with applicable law, CSI’s Bylaws and the policies adopted by the CSI Board and that such policies are carried out thoroughly and uniformly.
  • Provide all necessary information and advice to the CSI Board, guide it by initiating and proposing plans, programs and policies, and assist it to fulfill its paramount leadership role in the governance of CSI.
  • Attend and participate in meetings and other deliberations of the boards of trustees of the CSI Employee Benefit Plan and Trust Funds.
  • Lead the administrative staff in developing, implementing, and monitoring approved long- and short-range plans
  • Serve as the principal liaison with CAPE, the regional organizations, and all organizations with which CSI is affiliated.
  • Guide the CSIF Board of Trustees by articulating CSIF’s vision, proposing direction-setting plans and policies that enable its Board of Trustees to fulfill is responsibility to strengthen and uphold the mission.

Job Requirements

Education: Master’s degree or beyond

Experience: Leadership role in an organization, either for profit or non-profit, or a head of school

APPLICATION QUESTIONS: What We’d Like to Know about Candidates

  1. Please describe your faith journey and relationship with Jesus Christ and how that relationship has shaped your life, family and leadership
  2. How has your personal and professional experience prepared you as a possible match for the role of CEO at Christian Schools International?
  3. What attracts you to this opportunity and why now? To what extent does this feel like it may be a “call” to you?
  4. What do you perceive as the most significant challenges facing Christian schools today, and what should be the role of an organization like CSI in addressing these challenges?
  5. Please describe two examples from your leadership experience where you led a dedicated team through a time of significant organizational and strategic change where the organizations market was under fundamental reorientation or redesign. What were the circumstances and results of your leadership? What was your specific role?

Thank you for your consideration of this important role in Christian leadership.

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