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CSI Accreditation Introduces New Accreditation Management Software

CSI Accreditation is launching a process for streamlined annual reporting through a software platform called Jetpack.

CSI understands that schools take their commitment to students, parents, and stakeholders seriously and strive to serve Christ excellently in all they do. We also recognize that accreditation and annual reporting require a significant amount of time and energy from our schools, which is why our accreditation team researched and tested multiple platforms to find one that will streamline, simplify, and automate our accreditation process to help increase productivity and efficiency for CSI schools. The CSI Accreditation team is excited to announce the new Jetpack accreditation management software, which is highly flexible and scalable and will continue to grow as CSI and schools’ needs evolve.

Each step in the CSI accreditation process provides assurance that a school is true to its mission and is integrating biblical perspective within high-level educational standards. Jetpack will help support accredited schools in the continuous cycle of review and reflection that guides them in evaluating each component of their mission.

CSI accreditation implements a five-year accreditation cycle in which a school renews its Self-Study and School Improvement Plan and hosts an on-campus site visit every five years. On an annual basis, CSI accredited schools are required to submit accreditation reporting. This annual reporting allows a school to demonstrate continual compliance with accreditation standards throughout the five-year cycle. It also provides an opportunity for schools to submit reports of substantive change and evidence of progress on continued school improvement efforts. Jetpack will offer improved capabilities for document, evidence, and data sharing between CSI and accredited schools.

Improvements Jetpack Offers CSI Accredited Schools

The task of integrating multiple programs into a unified streamlined system is a large undertaking, requiring the release of Jetpack in two separate phases.

Phase One will include improvements for annual reporting such as:

  • Accepting all file types for upload as evidence
  • Allowing subsequent years' reporting to include reporting will include information from prior years, reducing the time required to complete reporting
  • Giving heads of school the ability to quickly authorize additional users to their school’s account
  • Incorporating the professional development report directly into the staff roster rather than as a standalone document, saving time and management requirements
  • Simplifying the disaster procedure log and including links directly to regulatory websites for reference
  • Uploading of files and documents of supporting evidence directly into the substantive change form

Phase Two will include all documentation related to accreditation site visits and will consolidate the required work tasks to one platform. Schools will be able to access all documents, templates, and forms that are used throughout the accreditation cycle including Measuring the Mission and FOCUS protocols, protocol toolboxes, the Self-Study, the School Profile, the School Improvement Plan, and the Site Visit Report.

Our accreditation team looks forward to introducing Jetpack and all the capabilities it has to offer accredited schools. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we launch this new tool and anticipate great things to come!

If you would like to learn more about our new accreditation management software, annual reporting, or becoming accredited with CSI, visit our accreditation webpage or contact , director of accreditation.

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