Christian Schools International Membership

Christian Schools International is a member organization. While some service organizations are designed with a cafeteria of menu options from which customers can select products and services, Christian Schools International is different. The organization is intentionally membership focused. Why?

Christian schools are a part of the body of Christ. As the writer of Corinthians notes, every part of the body is valued and important to the entire body. The body functions best when each part supports the whole. The schools of Christian Schools International came together and remain together because we believe in one God and in the advancement of His kingdom. We believe that God has entrusted parents with training his unique image-bearers. Christian schools exist to support parents in their God-given responsibility to train their children in His ways.

Christian schools are better together! Yes, there is strength in numbers. There is strength when believers come together to stand in unison and to speak with a single voice. The voice of Christian Schools International proclaims a unique biblical worldview.  Christian Schools International stands for a reformed view of the world and education. That statement is not a doctrinal position statement, but an educational one. Christian Schools International is an educational services organization. It is not a para-church or denominationally based organization.

Worldview Matters at Christian Schools International! Our distinct worldview proclaims that every square inch of Creation belongs to God. In our schools faith and learning are inseparably linked. Faith is imbedded in curriculum. All of life is recognized as worship when every aspect of life is meant to glorify God. Faith and courses are never separate.