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Beautiful Work

Integrating faith and learning in the classroom

A virtual course was designed with teachers in mind who have little to no experience teaching in a Christian school.

Illustration: Beautiful Work Course

Beautiful Work Course

Spring Session: Dates coming soon

Beautiful Work is a cohort model course that brings together a network of teachers with limited experience teaching in a Christian school. Teachers who would like a refresher in new and different ways to bring faith into their instruction are also encouraged to apply.

The deadline to register for the fall session has passed. Stayed tuned for the spring session application.

About Beautiful Work

One of the challenges that CSI has learned from school leaders we’ve talked with has been securing highly qualified staff members. Added to this is the fact that more and more of our potential candidates are coming to us with little to no experience teaching in a Christian school. While each school leader attempts to find ways to fill in that gap with training and mentoring, it becomes yet another task on a list of important things.

CSI is providing a way to supplement school leaders’ work by offering a course that can be done virtually, at a low cost, and that your school would have the confidence that the content would meet the expectations of your school regarding the integration of faith and learning with a Reformed worldview.

Additional Beautiful Work class details: 

  • Length of class: Semester-long course will include bi-weekly virtual class sessions that will be synchronous and interactive.
  • Outside course work: Work outside of class will match with the work that the teacher is already doing for their teaching preparation.
  • Cost: The program cost is $250 for CSI members and $300 for non-members.
  • Instructors: CSI has partnered with CACE to teach the first pilot class; instructors are skilled in pedagogy and best practice designs.
  • Audience: Practical tactics and tools will be shared within a cohort of other teachers in faith-based schools.
  • Licensure: Continuing education credit for licensure is available for a small fee.
  • Class size: Enrollment in the course is limited, so apply soon!

Beautiful Work Course Description

We are so glad that you are considering joining us on this learning adventure as we explore what it means to create beautiful work in our practices as Christian educators. 

Does my faith really matter for what I’m doing as a teacher? 

  • How will my Christian perspective impact the way I design and teach a lesson?
  • How will the way I assess students’ learning reflect what I believe about them as image bearers?
  • How about the way I create community within my classroom or collaborate with parents?

So . . . does my faith really matter for what I’m doing as a teacher? Yes, it does!

This course will give you the opportunity to imagine your practice through the lens of a Reformed Christian worldview. Each of the course’s eight modules will focus on an aspect of teaching Christianly, and you will have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from across North America under the guidance of an experienced educational leader. A variety of readings, discussions, and learning activities will equip you to live out your faith through your teaching practice and live into your school’s mission.

Module 1: Beautiful Work: Building Community
Module 2: Beautiful Work: Keeping the Promise
Module 3: Beautiful Work: Framing the Curriculum
Module 4: Beautiful Work: Engaged Learning
Module 5: Beautiful Work: Assessment FOR Learning
Module 6: Beautiful Work: Impacting Community
Module 7: Beautiful Work: Celebration of Learning
Module 8: Beautiful Work: Reflecting on our Practice

The course is designed to be completed over sixteen weeks or over the course of a semester. The rhythm for the course will be to engage in one module every two weeks. The estimated work time is 5–7 hours per module. Included in each module is one synchronous or face-to-face Zoom meeting, where we will have the opportunity to learn in community, share ideas and practices, and enjoy expanding our network of professional teachers.