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COVID-19 Q&A with CSI: A Community Discussion

Watch a Zoom recording with CSI member schools administrators in the US about how they’re responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in their schools.

On March 25, 2020, CSI invited their US member school administrators to participate in a Zoom call titled, “COVID-19 Q&A with CSI: A Community Discussion with CSI.”

Featured speakers included:

  • Glenn Vos, CSI board president
  • Joel Westa, CSI chief executive officer
  • Terry Kok, CSI member services consultant
  • Administrators who have cases of COVID-19 at their schools, including Tom Dykhouse, head of school at Eastern Christian School, and Ruth Kuder, CSI board member and chief educational officer at Eastern Christian School
  • Billy Creech, head of school at East Cobb Christian School, who leads a smaller school of 120 students
  • Chad Dirkse, head of school at Chattanooga Christian School and senior fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE)
  • Elizabeth Dombrowski, executive director of All Belong Center for Inclusive Education
  • Rachael Heyboer, CSI director of product development
  • Sheryl Jo, director of accreditation

If you have further questions for CSI, please contact Terry Kok, CSI member services consultant, at or any member of our CSI staff