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Thanks for your interest and participation in CSI’s 2016–17 webinar series. The 2016–2017 webinar series has now come to a close, but recordings for most of the webinars are available to view at your convenience using the links below. Additional webinar recordings may be found in our archives, either listed under the series year, or general topic.

Planning will begin soon for the 2017–18 series. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for our webinars, please contact webinars@csionline.org.


Employee Benefits triangleCSI Employee Benefits Canadian Open Enrolment

Tuesday, May 23

Brian Meekhof, Benefits Manager, Christian Schools International

The Christian Schools International employee benefits annual enrolment webinar will review and explain the annual enrolment process and salary reporting. Topics include a review of the plan provisions, what your employees need to do, what your school administrators need to do, and important dates and deadlines.

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Employee Benefits triangleCSI Employee Benefits U.S. Open Enrollment

Tuesday, May 23

Brian Meekhof, Benefits Manager, Christian Schools International

The Christian Schools International employee benefits annual enrollment webinar for our U.S. plan participants will review and explain the annual enrollment process and salary reporting. Topics include a review of the plan provisions, what your employees need to do, what your school administrators need to do, and important dates and deadlines.

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Professional Development triangleLeadership Is Delicious Ambiguity

Wednesday, April 26

Darren Hudgins, director of instructional technology, Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC)

The story of school is no longer as clear as it used to be, but that doesn't mean we can't embrace the ambiguity and use it to our advantage in the future. This one-hour webinar is a holistic and pragmatic look at pedagogy, society, and the transformational technology shift of today. Teachers, administrators, and IT leaders will be reminded that despite rhetoric (test scores, standards, tech integration, cyberbullying, etc.), their role in society is more valuable than ever before. Together we’ll work through some empowering leadership strategies so you can build a vision of delicious ambiguity in your school(s).

Darren Hudgins is a former secondary education teacher, staff developer, Google Certified Innovator, and coach who joined the Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC) team in 2007. Since becoming the director of instructional technology, he has led, facilitated, and developed effective technology integration programs in districts to foster unique learning experiences..

Darren holds a M.Ed. as well as bachelor's degrees in human development and social sciences.

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Curriculum triangleAn Introduction to Novare Science

Tuesday, March 21

Jeffrey Mays, Novare Science

Novare Science & MathCSI has taken a big step in choosing to recommend Novare Science high school curriculum to member schools. In this webinar, Novare director of marketing Jeffrey Mays discusses the history and distinctives of Novare Science, addresses matters relating to teachers and students, and discusses sales and ecommerce.

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Professional Development triangleTrauma: What It Is, What It Does, and How to Support Affected Students in the School Setting

Tuesday, March 14

Betsy Winkle, school psychologist, CLC Network

Trauma has become an increasingly prevalent topic in Christian education today. With an increased understanding of trauma, educators are better equipped to support learning and behavior of affected students. Looking through the lens of the “See-Think-Do” process used by CLC Network, this webinar provides an overview of what trauma is and how it can impact student development, learning, and behavior in the classroom. Viewers will leave with an overview understanding of trauma along with strategies for supporting students impacted by trauma in the school setting.

Download the CLC Network trauma resource PDF.

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Resource and Services triangleGrowth Potential: The Importance of Student Recruitment

Tuesday, March 7

Joyce Workman, mission advancement consultant, Christian Schools International
John Barkel, principal, Fremont Christian School
Wayne Sit, head of school, Ann Arbor Christian School

Recruitment and retention are critical to the ongoing mission of every Christian school. Join Joyce Workman and Christian school principals John Barkel and Wayne Sit for a conversation about student recruitment that works for your school.

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Professional Development triangleSocial Media: Dynamic for Professional Development and Building Professional Learning Networks

Thursday, January 19

Tyler Amidon, director of student life and middle school principal at Denver Christian Schools in Denver, Colorado

In education, the climate is shifting from face-to-face professional learning communities (PLCs) among colleagues in a single building or district to web-based professional learning networks (PLNs) among education professionals worldwide. All educators benefit from great professional development opportunities, and the web provides opportunities for amazingly rich engagement.

Join Tyler Amidon as he presents exciting ways for Christian school educators to connect, learn, grow, and build their own PLNs via various social media platforms.

This presentation will offer instantly applicable tips for both administrators and staff members. Webinar attendees will be encouraged to interject questions and communicate with each other via a live Twitter chat using #CSI4EDU during and after the event.

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Curriculum triangleIntroduction to TerraNova 3, Christian School Program

Wednesday, January 18

David Smitherman, director, sales and marketing, ACSI
Lisa Chubbic, assessment specialist, ACSI

TerraNova logoCSI member schools are invited to a webinar introducing the Christian School Program featuring the TerraNova 3 achievement test, a full-service student assessment program now being offered to CSI member schools in the United States through its partnership with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). The testing program features the customized edition of the TerraNova 3 achievement test, which provides valid and highly reliable student data. The program also includes a robust and user-friendly online score-reporting platform, professional development opportunities for administrators and teachers, and excellent customer support. This webinar will provide helpful information to understand the benefits of the resources available through the student assessment program.

For more information, visit the CSI Christian School Program page, contact ACSI at 800.367.0798, or email at order@acsioline.org.

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Curriculum triangleA Framework for Authentic and Integral Christian Education: A Tour of TfT

Monday, January 9

Gayle Monsma, executive director of the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (www.pcce.ca)

Description: The Teaching for Transformation (TfT) program provides a framework for the development of authentic and integral Christian learning experiences that are grounded in a transformational worldview with a focus on seeing and living out God’s story. After its inception in the Prairie Centre for Christian Education schools, the TfT program’s design practices and tools are now used by almost 100 schools worldwide (Canada, US, Africa, Australia and Central America) to develop powerful Christian school learning experiences.

This webinar will take you on a tour of TfT, highlighting the three core practices and giving specific examples of TfT implementation. (https://sites.google.com/a/tftshare.ca/tft-4u/home)

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Professional Development triangleImplementation of Pension Plan Amendments

Wednesday, December 14

Staff members from CSI and from Mercer, CSI’s pension servicer

This webinar discusses recent amendments to the CSI Pension Plan that will take effect September 1, 2017. The amendments will have an impact on school budgets, so this session will describe the changes, with examples, and share implementation ideas.

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Professional Development triangleBlending Technology and Tradition: Station Rotation and Flipped Classroom

Tuesday, November 15

Catlin Tucker, teacher, author, and speaker

Blended learning models create more opportunities for individualized scaffolding and support, differentiated instruction, and self-paced learning. Catlin Tucker shares how she transformed her low-tech classroom by leveraging students’ connectivity at home and the devices they bring into the classroom to create a blended learning model. She shares creative strategies and examples of student work to highlight the power of technology to bring students to the center of learning.

Catlin is a Google certified teacher, bestselling author, international trainer, and frequent Edtech speaker who currently teaches in Sonoma County, California, where she was named Teacher of the Year in 2010. Her newest book, Blended Learning in Action, was published in September 2016. Catlin writes the “Techy Teacher” column for ASCD’s Educational Leadership.

The recording of this webinar is no longer available due to contractual obligations.


Curriculum triangleLearning Amplified: Implementing an Interim (or Winterim) Program

Tuesday, November 1

Krista Wright, Winterim coordinator and a science teacher at Grand Rapids (Michigan) Christian High School

Krista Wright offers insights into the Winterim program at Grand Rapids (Michigan) Christian High. Winterims (or interims) offer students the opportunity for hands-on learning, career exploration, travel, and even college credit. If your school is considering an interim program—or even if you’re not!—this webinar will give you insights into exciting ways you can expand your school’s offerings.

Learn more about Grand Rapids Christian High School's Winterim program.

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Employee Benefits triangleAn Overview of the Government PBGC

Tuesday, October 25

Staff members from CSI and from Mercer, CSI’s pension servicer

CSI is holding webinars to provide information about the operation of the federal government agency, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), and the pension insurance it provides. We believe that the presentation will be of primary interest to school boards and administrators, but Pension Plan participants are also welcome to attend.

As we explained in the invitation to our early October webinars, the CSI Pension Plan, like other retirement plans in the U.S., is under pressure from economic, legislative, and other forces. Contributing factors include low and volatile investment returns, persistent low interest rates, federal government premiums for pension insurance, and increasing life expectancies. We would like schools to have more detailed information about and the scope of both the benefits and powers of the government PBGC.

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Professional Development triangleThe Power of Testimony: Liturgical Audit and Other Faith Integration Lesson Plans

Tuesday, October 18

Jennifer Baham, music director, San Jose Christian School

Consider faith integration as a lemon squeezed into a glass of water—the juice infuses the water and changes it from the inside out. Join faith integration mentor Jennifer Baham as she shares some of the lessons and faith integration approaches found to be effective at San Jose Christian School in Campbell, California. Lessons include liturgical audits (discovering the “good life” as relationship with God), speaking life through art, and a Native American project (encouraging one another and learning through dialogue).

Jennifer has also provided a Google doc with faith integration lesson plans.

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Professional Development triangleMaking the Most of One Classroom iPad

Thursday, October 13

Brandon Helder, Second Grade Teacher, Hudsonville Christian School

You don't have to be a 1:1 classroom in order to integrate technology and engage students. This session will teach you simple "Monday morning" strategies for how to make the most of technology, even if you have just one iPad or other tablet device in your classroom.

Brandon Helder is a second grade teacher at Hudsonville Christian in Hudsonville, Michigan. He is a graduate of Calvin College and has a masters in education leadership from Grand Valley State University.

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Employee Benefits triangleKeeping the Pension Plan Healthy

Monday, October 10 & Tuesday, October 11

Staff members from CSI and from Mercer, CSI’s pension servicer

CSI is holding webinars in early October 2016 to discuss the CSI Pension Plan—including recent and future changes to the Plan—with plan participants, school board members, and school administrators.

Our Pension Plan, like other retirement plans in the U.S., is under pressure from economic, demographic, and other forces. Contributing factors include low and volatile investment returns, persistent low interest rates, federal government premiums for “pension insurance,” and increasing life expectancies. As a result, CSI is proactively making changes to the Plan. The webinars will provide information about how changes will affect schools and participants.

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After attending or viewing one of the webinar sessions, please complete and send in the pension webinar feedback form.


Resources and Services trianglePlan to Grow: Developing Recruitment Strategies

Tuesday, October 4

Joyce Workman, mission advancement consultant

Recruiting new students is a big job and a moving target. Join Joyce Workman, CSI’s mission advancement consultant, as she maps out a framework for developing your school’s recruitment plan. She’ll provide questions you should be asking (and answering) as you recruit new families as well as tested formulas for assessing recruitment goals and budgets.

Download the following resource files from Joyce:
Strategic recruitment plan document (PDF)
Director of Enrollment job description (PDF)

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Curriculum triangleEmpowering Christian Teachers to Train the Next Generation of Scientists: Christian School Educators Science Academy

Wednesday, September 28

ACSI, CSI, and VAEI presenters

Join us to learn about how you can be a part of an exciting new professional development opportunity for all K–8 teachers of science. This program is a collaboration of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Christian Schools International (CSI), and Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI) and kicks off November 17–18, 2016, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn more about CSESA.

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Resource and Services triangle10 Actions Christian Schools Are Taking Now to Be Flourishing in 2025

Tuesday, September 27

Mark Beadle, CEO of Sevenstar

School leaders and boards must be looking over the horizon to lead their schools into the future. Ten actions will be shared that schools today need to be doing so that their schools will be flourishing in 2025. We’ll discuss new financial models as well as case studies from schools like yours that are marching ahead. Follow along on twitter at #2025Schools and #StrongerTogether.

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