Digital Learning Webinars

We offer free, live webinars throughout the school year that are designed to help educators in member schools to integrate technology into the classroom. Our digital learning webinars are presented by a diverse group of experts that have several years of practical, hands-on experience in incorporating technology in Christian schools.

This is a great opportunity to learn something new, as well as to connect with other teachers and administrators from across North America and around the world.



Leadership Is Delicious Ambiguity

Darren Hudgins, director of instructional technology, Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC)

The story of school is no longer as clear as it used to be, but that doesn't mean we can't embrace the ambiguity and use it to our advantage in the future. This one-hour webinar is a holistic and pragmatic look at pedagogy, society, and the transformational technology shift of today. Teachers, administrators, and IT leaders will be reminded that despite rhetoric (test scores, standards, tech integration, cyberbullying, etc.), their role in society is more valuable than ever before. Together we’ll work through some empowering leadership strategies so you can build a vision of delicious ambiguity in your school(s).

Darren Hudgins is a former secondary education teacher, staff developer, Google Certified Innovator, and coach who joined the Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC) team in 2007. Since becoming the director of instructional technology, he has led, facilitated, and developed effective technology integration programs in districts to foster unique learning experiences..

Darren holds a M.Ed. as well as bachelor's degrees in human development and social sciences.

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Social Media: Dynamic for Professional Development and Building Professional Learning Networks

January 19, 2017

Tyler Amidon, director of student life and middle school principal at Denver Christian Schools in Denver, Colorado

In education, the climate is shifting from face-to-face professional learning communities (PLCs) among colleagues in a single building or district to web-based professional learning networks (PLNs) among education professionals worldwide. All educators benefit from great professional development opportunities, and the web provides opportunities for amazingly rich engagement.

Join Tyler Amidon as he presents exciting ways for Christian school educators to connect, learn, grow, and build their own PLNs via various social media platforms.

This presentation will offer instantly applicable tips for both administrators and staff members. Webinar attendees will be encouraged to interject questions and communicate with each other via a live Twitter chat using #CSI4EDU during and after the event.

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Blending Technology and Tradition: Station Rotation and Flipped Classroom

November 15, 2016

Catlin Tucker, teacher, author, and speaker

Blended learning models create more opportunities for individualized scaffolding and support, differentiated instruction, and self-paced learning. Catlin Tucker shares how she transformed her low-tech classroom by leveraging students’ connectivity at home and the devices they bring into the classroom to create a blended learning model. She shares creative strategies and examples of student work to highlight the power of technology to bring students to the center of learning.

Catlin is a Google certified teacher, bestselling author, international trainer, and frequent Edtech speaker who currently teaches in Sonoma County, California, where she was named Teacher of the Year in 2010. Her newest book, Blended Learning in Action, was published in September 2016. Catlin writes the “Techy Teacher” column for ASCD’s Educational Leadership.

The recording of this webinar is no longer available due to contractual obligations.


Making the Most of One Classroom iPad

October 13, 2016

Brandon Helder, Second Grade Teacher, Hudsonville Christian School

You don't have to be a 1:1 classroom in order to integrate technology and engage students. This session will teach you simple "Monday morning" strategies for how to make the most of technology, even if you have just one iPad or other tablet device in your classroom.

Brandon Helder is a second grade teacher at Hudsonville Christian in Hudsonville, Michigan. He is a graduate of Calvin College and has a masters in education leadership from Grand Valley State University.

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10 Actions Christian Schools Are Taking Now to Be Flourishing in 2025

September 27, 2016

Mark Beadle, CEO of Sevenstar

School leaders and boards must be looking over the horizon to lead their schools into the future. Ten actions will be shared that schools today need to be doing so that their schools will be flourishing in 2025. We’ll discuss new financial models as well as case studies from schools like yours that are marching ahead. Follow along on twitter at #2025Schools and #StrongerTogether.

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Important Enrollment Information Changes for CSIonline Academy & Sevenstar

June 16, 2016

Ty Orton and John Pohlman, Sevenstar

If your school currently partners with CSIonline Academy or hopes to make use of the vast course catalog of online courses in the near future, it's important to have a representative from your school join us for this live webinar event. Join Ty Orton and John Pohlman from Sevenstar to learn about the new enrollment options you will need to utilize for future student enrollments and to hear about the generous discounts being offered to CSI member schools during the transition months this summer. This 30 minute webinar will equip you with all the information needed to enroll students this summer, this fall, and into the future.

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Google Classroom Tips and Tricks

May 10, 2016

Rachel Medeiros, a Google certified trainer and innovator from San Jose Christian School

Google Classroom helps teachers and students stay organized and enjoy a supplemented curriculum. In this webinar, Rachel Medeiros, a Google certified teacher, will share San Jose Christian School’s philosophy for technology integration and demonstrate how that philosophy works with Google Classroom, a free learning management system for Google Apps for Education schools. Come learn the details of how to use Classroom, best practices for using it in your school, and the many great benefits for both students and teachers.

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Presentation Tools for Classroom, Blended, or Online Content

April 19, 2016

Becci Zwiers, Inno-Versity

Are you tired of using PowerPoint and want to create more interesting presentations? Or are you looking for ways to create instructional content for your online or blended class? There are a variety of ways to present information to students in an engaging manner. In this webinar we’ll explore using Prezi and Powtoon slides as alternative presentation tools. We’ll also look at Piktochart as a tool to create infographics, and we’ll consider using Powtoon to make cartoon scenarios as instructional content for students.

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Online and Blended Course Content—What Is Out There and How Can I Use It?

March 8, 2016

Becci Zwiers, Inno-Versity

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of content found online? Or certain there has to be a better way to find content for your class? There is! Attend this webinar to learn about open educational resources (OER) and learning object repositories (LOR) that are free and available for use in your classroom. These resources include media, lesson plans, assessments, and other activities that you can use in your class. The materials presented will be carefully vetted to provide the most useful and well-respected sources.

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Beyond Your Media Center: Organizing Your Online Space

January 12, 2016

Erica Trowbridge, MEd, Media Specialist, Oakridge Middle/High School

Maintaining a media center is not an easy task, but most librarians are up for the challenge. If we think of the space we cannot see—the online environment of the media center—as an extension of the physical space, those natural organizational instincts will come in handy. This webinar will help you discover new ways of organizing the online space of your media center. You will learn how to seek out new tools for students and staff as well as figure out the best ways to manage these resources. Erica will show you the tools she uses and how she encourages her patrons to use them.

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The Power of Social Media for Leaders

November 17, 2015

Tyler Amidon, Denver Christian Schools,
and Mike Wiersma, Ontario Christian Schools

In today's world, a school leader is called upon to communicate with his or her community on a daily basis. However, sending an email every day is not what is expected in 2015. There are so many tools and so many mediums for us to use to communicate. Join Tyler Amidon from Denver Christian Schools and Mike Wiersma from Ontario Christian Schools as they demonstrate how they use many different tools to meet community members, students, and staff where they are in the 21st century.

Learn about daily podcasting, Twitter, Facebook, weekly blog posts, YouTube, Google Hangout, Instagram, Remind HQ, weekly timeline to teachers, backchannels, and more. All these tools, when used properly, can inspire and connect your community in more ways than you can imagine!

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Dual Enrollment Is the New APSevenstar Academy logo

October 21, 2015

Presented by: John Pohlman and Lou Anne Beadle from Sevenstar

With so many options and so little time to work ahead, high school students are looking to school administrators and guidance counselors to provide creative solutions to help them get the biggest bang for their buck before they even graduate. Join John Pohlman and Lou Anne Beadle from Sevenstar as they discuss how online dual enrollment opportunities are becoming game-changers for Christian school students. The need for these kinds of courses is growing, and Sevenstar is expanding program offerings to meet those needs! CSI member schools get access to these options through CSIonline Academy.

  • Hear why dual enrollment is becoming the preference over advanced placement (AP) courses.
  • Learn about Sevenstar’s affiliate colleges and universities.
  • Get on board with the scheduling requirements to participate.
  • Discover the academic and financial reasons why your juniors and seniors should be taking advantage of these online course opportunities.
  • Get information about dual enrollment courses taught from a biblical worldview.

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Challenging Students with Digital Learning: Best Practices for Academically Talented Middle School Students

May 6, 2015

Led by: Becci Zwiers, CLC Network

Academically advanced middle school students can easily get bored by grade-level content, but that doesn't mean they have the emotional maturity to take courses with high schoolers. Learn why online courses can be a good option for these students, and what to look for to make the experience effective and fulfilling. Becci Zwiers, online teaching consultant for CLC Network, will review the advantages and pitfalls of digital learning.

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Seven Reasons Why Christian Schools Need Curriculum Mapping: Explore Mapping Using Curriculum Trak

April 22, 2015

Led by: Dan Beerens and Mike VanderBerg, Dynamics Internet Solutions 

A well-articulated curriculum is essential for any school, but it is even more vital for Christian schools because they are intentional in their quest to connect mission to practice through faith- integrated units of study. Attend this webinar to hear the seven reasons for mapping curriculum and to explore Curriculum Trak, the web-based tool that many Christian schools have chosen to take their curriculum to the next level and to drive their school improvement process. In this webinar we will also explore the new faith learning integration tool.

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ConNexus Premium: On-Demand Professional Development for Christian Educators

March 18, 2015

Led by: Sam Barfell and Shannon Bomar from ACSI

ACSI ConNEXUS Premium provides Christian educators with the continuing education needed to grow professionally and teach with excellence. With over 500 hours of continuing education courses in 40 topic based channels, ConNEXUS Premium provides on-demand professional development.  Join ACSI and CSI to learn more about ACSI ConNEXUS Premium and how you can grow professionally and earn CEUs in the time and place that works best for you.

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Lessons Learned: 1 on 1 Technology at Unity Christian

February 11, 2015

Led by: Karl Kaemingk, Unity Christian School

For schools investing in the future of online learning, 1:1 computing allows each student to use a school-provided laptop or tablet to access the internet, digital course materials, and digital textbooks. Starting 1:1 courses can be a transforming educational experience that requires constant maintenance and reflection. Learn how Unity Christian in Orange City, Iowa, arrived at its current implementation.

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Blended Learning Best Practices

January 21, 2015

Led by: Miriam Taylor, The Learning Well

What does blended learning really mean, and how can I put it into practice in my classroom? During this webinar, you’ll learn how to articulate the various meanings of blended learning. You’ll also spend time exploring ways to implement this in your classroom from both an instructional and technology standpoint.
This webinar will draw upon key elements of Christian Schools International’s summer online teacher training titled “Building a Blended Course.

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Understanding the Value of Investing in an IT Specialist

October 21, 2014

Guest Panelists:
Steve Fortna (Whitinsville Christian IT department), Todd Tolsma  (NorthPointe Christian High School principal), and Brian Dentler (NorthPointe IT department) with facilitator Marita Damghani (CSIonline Academy director of sales & marketing)
Some great member schools are pioneering the way into technology advancements in their programming via 1:1 initiatives, curriculum through IT integration efforts, staffing expanded to include IT support, and workshops for IT professional development. This webinar is designed to introduce you to two schools and their IT staff and supporting administrators in those areas.

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Audience: Teachers & Administrators

September 18, 2014

Led by: Andrew Vanden Heuvel

Andrew Vanden Heuvel, a Calvin College and University of Florida alum, has extensive experience in areas related to science, technology, online learning, and other innovative approaches to education. He was named the Michigan Virtual Teacher of the Year in 2010 and was nominated for Online Teacher of the Year in 2011. He is the founder of AGL Initiatives, has worked with Google Glass for education, and created (a website of innovative science-based teaching videos). Follow Andrew on Twitter @avheuv.

Guest Panelist Kristin Bird, Sevenstar principal, will participate in Q & A time and speak briefly about expectations Sevenstar has for online teachers.

Many classroom teachers have begun to migrate toward online education as a place to broaden their teaching experience and deepen their impact with students. Join Andrew Vanden Heuvel as he talks about what it’s like to teach in an online environment, utilizing the interface to enhance both traditional classroom experiences and fully virtual programs. He will discuss helpful skills to be a successful teacher in the online format as well as suggest resources and best practices that are key to online teaching success. Utilize this opportunity to glean advice from an online teaching veteran who understands the pros and cons of pursuing online teaching career opportunities. Administrators are encouraged to invite teachers and faculty to explore these opportunities to enhance classroom effectiveness and as a means of earning additional income.

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Leadership in Digital Age Schools: Critical Issues

May 13, 2014

Led by: Susan Brooks-Young, author of several books including Making Technology Standards Work for You: A Guide for School Administrators

This event is facilitated by Sevenstar, a partner of CSIonline Academy, and will cover topics such as technology plans, using and supporting technology for instruction, increasing teachers’ digital capacity, and policy tips for students and staff.

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Credit Recovery Options: What’s Out There and How Do They Work?

April 24, 2014

Led by: Marita Damghani, CSIonline Academy Sales and Marketing Director

Math and English are areas students often either thrive in or struggle through. Courses tailored to those at both ends of the spectrum are offered from May through August as part of CSIonline Academy’s Summer Credit Recovery program. Learn about how the courses work, how students can test through content they have already mastered, and how they can successfully complete it all with plenty of time left for summer vacation.

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A Look at Online and Blended Learning for Christian Schools

March 20, 2014

Led by: Tim Krell, administrator of online programs

This webinar is back by popular demand! The blended learning structure allows new Christian high schools to launch at a fraction of the cost of a traditional high school start-up. Blended learning serves as a solution for schools that struggle due to finances or low enrollment. It is also a great solution for those interested in embracing new education models.

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Launching Online Learning? Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your School

January 16, 2014

Led by: Tim Krell, administrator of online programs, and Marita Damghani, CSIonline Academy director of sales & marketing

Join us to learn 10 ways you can prepare your school to launch online learning successfully. We will be discussing topics like digital connection, student devices, mentors/facilitators, assigning online learners, setting expectations, community buy-in, financial models, strategic timing, and more!

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CSIonline Academy Curriculum Development

November 7, 2013

Led by: Tim Krell, administrator of online programs, and Marita Damghani, CSIonline Academy director of sales & marketing

CSIonline Academy promotes biblical worldview-based online learning, and partners with some well-known names to provide the foundation for our core course content. Join CSIonline Academy staff as they introduce you to the key players partnering with CSIonline Academy to provide award-winning online interfaces, course content, and the foundation for our online biblical worldview integration.

Hear about the course selection process, tour the platforms, and take a look at the curriculum integration happening in-house at Christian Schools International and off-site with our partners.

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Worldview Integration in Online Courses

October 24, 2013

Led by: Tim Krell, administrator of online programs, and Marita Damghani, CSIonline Academy director of sales & marketing

The same biblical worldview your school values is mirrored in the online courses taught by our Christian teachers. CSIonline Academy built a philosophy around faith statements, honed in on essential questions, and now work as a team to modify and add lessons that thematically embed a biblical worldview into each course.

Online courses. Biblical worldview. That is more than our tagline: it is what sets us apart! Join Tim Krell and a group of online teachers as they walk you through the steps they are taking to continue to build the biblical worldview within CSIonline Academy courses.

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An Introduction to Blended Learning

September 17, 2013

Led by: Tim Krell, administrator of online programs, and Marita Damghani, CSIonline Academy director of sales & marketing

The blended learning structure allows new Christian high schools to launch at a fraction of the cost of a traditional high school start-up. Blended learning serves as a solution for schools that struggle due to finances or low enrollment. Join Tim Krell as he explores this unique education model. Get ready to think outside the box as you consider a new model for Christian schooling.

Blended learning with CSIonline Academy combines traditional “brick & mortar” teaching in classrooms with online courses taught by Christian teachers with a biblical worldview. Students engage with classroom teachers for a portion of the day and then are coached by facilitators as they take online courses for the rest of their program.

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