Accreditation News

Christian Schools International Accreditation conducted its first dual accreditation with the Southern Association of Independent Schools last week. In two weeks we will be observed by the Virginia Council for Private Education as we work toward approval of our accreditation protocols in Virginia. We have recently completed a dual accreditation partnership with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Additionally, we continue to nurture our ongoing accreditation partnerships with AdvancED, Middle States, and numerous state departments of education. In addition we have a dual accreditation partnership with ACSI and familial relationships with a number of other Christian school accreditors—ACSI, the International Christian Accrediting Association, the National Christian School Association, and the National Lutheran School Accreditation (check out

Why all of these partnerships? Each of your schools has a different reason for seeking accreditation. Some of your schools, depending on the state in which you are located, need regional accreditation (AdvancED, WASC, MSA, NEASC) for your classes to be recognized by universities, for your state to recognize your accreditation, or to participate in interscholastic sports. More and more schools need accreditation recognized by the state or state department of education because of scholarship funds are available to accredited schools. For some schools, the first thing prospective parents ask is if you are accredited.

But that still does not fully answer why Christian Schools International accreditation is developing all these partnerships. Can’t you seek accreditation directly from your regional, directly from your state, or from an independent school association? Of course you can. But we believe that to fully be true to your mission as a Christian school, to fully evaluate yourself as a Christ-honoring school that is educating the children of the King, the biblically informed faith component of accreditation and school improvement is essential.

In every partnership, Christian Schools International accreditation takes the lead. That means that our accreditation/school improvement protocol is what your school uses to write its reflective school profile, to conduct a rigorous self-analysis, and to develop a school improvement plan. We have been careful to build our accreditation programs on researched best practices and also to integrate a Christ-centered perspective into everything your school does as it as it looks at itself and charts its future.

So why are we developing all these partnerships in the accreditation world? So Jesus Christ is glorified in your school.