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Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

The editorial of the spring 2015 issue included an important announcement from Christian Schools International president and CEO Dave Koetje. This announcement informed our readers that Christian Home & School magazine will conclude the run the magazine began in 1922. This announcement is included below in its entirety.

Our fall 2015 issue will be our farewell edition, which will reflect the almost century-long history of the publication. Christian Schools International is moving forward with some exciting and innovative ways to continue to provide meaningful information to Christian school students and families, and we look forward to announcing some of the above in the fall. We want to let our readers and contributors know how much we appreciate and value their faithful support and readership of Christian Home & School over the many years.

As an organization, the majority of the work of Christian Schools International has always focused on providing leadership and support for school teachers and administrators: leadership development, school accreditation, employee benefits services, curriculum products. While of course our ultimate goal is to serve students, in general Christian Schools International has done this by working with school boards, school leaders, and school teachers to help schools fulfill their mission of equipping children to be servants of Christ. In reality, Christian Schools International has little contact with students.

The exception has been the production and distribution of Christian Home & School magazine, one of the first programs launched by the fledgling National Union of Christian Schools (Christian Schools International’s original name) back in the early 1920s. For more than 90 years the magazine has served as a tool to uphold and inform parents as they raised children in what was always an increasingly complicated world. Christian Home & School served as a way to connect Christian-school families to each other, always reminding them that they were not alone in their parenting struggles and successes.

With the Fall 2015 issue, Christian Home & School will con­clude the run it began in 1922. Just as the world of education has changed since Christian Schools International began, so has the world of communication. With the onset of multiple ways to communicate over the past decade, print commu­nication has lost its clout. Publications (including Christian Home & School) have intentionally increased and improved their online presence so that busy people can readily access and share information from electronic devices. It is now time for us to build on those opportunities and to invest our resources in new ways that communicate the power of Chris­tian homes and Christian schools working together and also significantly increase our effective advocacy for the power of Christian education as we imagine a world where every com­munity around the globe is influenced by men and women who were shaped by attending a Christian school.

We treasure what the magazine has been and has done, and now look forward with hope to even more effective ways to connect and serve the families that support Christian schools.

God’s Peace,

Dave KoetjeDave J. Koetje

Former President/CEO

Christian Schools International

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