Administrative Webinars


November 14, 2017


Joyce Workman, mission advancement consultant

Join CSI mission advancement consultant Joyce Workman for a webinar on enrollment challenges and student recruitment. The presentation will challenge Christian school leaders to move beyond traditional assumptions and into fresh strategies and tactics to invite families to join us in God’s story at our Christian schools.

Download the Christian school recruitment strategic plan.

Download Joyce’s paper on Gen Y and Christian Education.

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November 7, 2017


Elizabeth Dombrowski, executive director of CLC Network
Sheryl Jo, director of school improvement for CSI

The Christian School Educational Services Standard, created by CLC Network, is a new endorsement standard that can be used as a focused self-assessment tool in a school’s accreditation process. This endorsement will help to ensure that a school’s support services are celebrated, supported, and enhanced throughout the journey of school improvement. Join us for a conversation on best practices and the ways that commitment, collaboration, and community can impact a Christian school culture. Read the endorsement here:

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October 3, 2017


Bob VandePol, executive director of the Employee Assistance Program/Church Assistance Program at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

The death of a young person powerfully jars our concept of the way life is supposed to be. That dissonance is multiplied when the death is by suicide. Learn best practices for preventing youth suicide and for mitigating contagion when it does occur.

Download a PDF of the webinar slides.

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Trauma: What It Is, What It Does, and How to Support Affected Students in the School Setting

March 14, 2017

Betsy Winkle, school psychologist, CLC Network

Trauma has become an increasingly prevalent topic in Christian education today. With an increased understanding of trauma, educators are better equipped to support learning and behavior of affected students. Looking through the lens of the “See-Think-Do” process used by CLC Network, this webinar provides an overview of what trauma is and how it can impact student development, learning, and behavior in the classroom. Viewers will leave with an overview understanding of trauma along with strategies for supporting students impacted by trauma in the school setting.

Download the CLC Network trauma resource PDF.

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Growth Potential: The Importance of Student Recruitment

March 7, 2017

Joyce Workman, mission advancement consultant, Christian Schools International
John Barkel, principal, Fremont Christian School
Wayne Sit, head of school, Ann Arbor Christian School

Recruitment and retention are critical to the ongoing mission of every Christian school. Join Joyce Workman and Christian school principals John Barkel and Wayne Sit for a conversation about student recruitment that works for your school.

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Learning Amplified: Implementing an Interim (or Winterim) Program

November 1, 2016

Krista Wright, Winterim coordinator and a science teacher at Grand Rapids (Michigan) Christian High School

Krista Wright offers insights into the Winterim program at Grand Rapids (Michigan) Christian High. Winterims (or interims) offer students the opportunity for hands-on learning, career exploration, travel, and even college credit. If your school is considering an interim program—or even if you’re not!—this webinar will give you insights into exciting ways you can expand your school’s offerings.

Learn more about Grand Rapids Christian High School's Winterim program.

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Plan to Grow: Developing Recruitment Strategies

October 4, 2016

Joyce Workman, mission advancement consultant

Recruiting new students is a big job and a moving target. Join Joyce Workman, CSI’s mission advancement consultant, as she maps out a framework for developing your school’s recruitment plan. She’ll provide questions you should be asking (and answering) as you recruit new families as well as tested formulas for assessing recruitment goals and budgets.

Download the following resource files from Joyce:
Strategic recruitment plan document (PDF)
Director of Enrollment job description (PDF)

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Recognizing and Dealing with Cyberbullying: What You Need to Know to Protect the Students You Serve

April 20, 2016

Beth Harmon, S.Psy.S., school psychologist, CLC Network

It is essential for all school personnel to understand the power of technology in the lives of the students they serve. With a few clicks, kids are destroying each other's self-images, relationships, and reputations. Why do they do it, and how can we recognize and stop it? In this session, we will explore these and other areas related to cyberbullying.

Beth Harmon is a school psychologist at CLC Network, where she enjoys helping parents and teachers gain an understanding of why a child learns or behaves in a certain way. Beth is a graduate of Calvin College and Central Michigan University.

The handouts referenced in this webinar (along with many others) are at under the resources section. They available for educational use at home or in school.

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Previewing This Summer’s Worldview Summit

March 1, 2016

Bart Den Boer, worldview specialist, Christian Schools International

This webinar previews the main topics and break-out sessions planned for this summer's Aug. 2-4 Worldview Summit. Webinar participants will look into how James Smith's views on cultural liturgies and Christian practice affect our discussion of worldview integration. In addition, we will preview some of the offerings of the break-out sessions at the Summit.

To prepare for this 1/2 hour webinar, be sure to check out my latest entry in the Voices4ChristianEducation blog, “Beyond Biblical Worldview and Christian Perspective.”

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Special Education in Your Christian School: A Conversation with Elizabeth Dombrowski and Joel Westa

February 11, 2016

Elizabeth Dombrowski, executive director, CLC Network
Joel Westa, President/CEO, Christian Schools International

Join us for this informal discussion of special education best practices in Christian schools. Elizabeth Dombrowski (CLC Network) and Joel Westa (Christian Schools International) will share how to support inclusion of students at all levels of ability in schools of any size, and what tools are available to you, in order to enroll whole families in your school. Learn more about CLC Network's services online.

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Introducing CSI’s New Consulting Team

January 26, 2016

Robert Stevenson, Albert Prentice and Joshua Miller; Stevenson Company LLC

Leadership is a key to the success of a school, so finding the right leader is crucial—and sometimes difficult. This webinar will introduce you to the new partnership between CSI and the Stevenson Company, an organization that will offer CSI schools specialized service in head of school and leadership searches.

Meet their senior consultants Robert Stevenson, principal, Albert Prentice MA, and Joshua Miller PhD. Rob will introduce himself and his partners and describe their process in guiding schools through an executive search.

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Optimizing the Board and School Leadership for Long-Term Stability and Growth

January 19, 2016

David Ritter, PhD, leadership and strategic consultant, Christian Schools International

The Christian school is a sacred trust from God, but too often the administration of the school does not reflect this. All too frequently, failures that start with the board and/or school leadership permeate throughout the whole school. Frustration can lead to high board member turnover; the average tenure of a Christian school leader is a dismal three years.

When we strategically position schools after the heart and mind of God, seeking his will, we truly have the foundation of a strategic plan that brings Christ-honoring results and sustainability. Optimizing the board and head of school relationship is another foundational piece to strategically positioning a school toward long-term stability. We will overview some best practices of thriving Christian schools and allow for your questions.

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Reformed Worldview: Getting to “Why”

November 10, 2015

Bart DenBoer, CSI worldview specialist

Participants will collaborate around the questions, “What is a Reformed worldview?” and “How is such a worldview distinctive within the field of Christian education?” Participants will also consider Simon Sinek’s work "Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” and how understanding the “why” question is important in mission (statement) development.

To prepare for this webinar, please watch this 25-minute TED Talk video by Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

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The U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage and the Christian School

September 24, 2015

The Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage has implications for Christian schools’ employment and admissions policies. Matt Nelson will help participants to understand the decision and its implications for Christian schools as they examine their policies and practices.

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A Conversation with Joel Westa, President/CEO of Christian Schools International

September 8, 2015

An interview style introduction to Joel Westa who will discuss his thoughts on the role of Christian Schools International in the future of Christian education worldwide.

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Where Science Standards Meet Spirituality: Implementing And It Was Good

May 7, 2015

Darryl Shelton, Rachael Heyboer, and Chris Van Eyl, Christian Schools International

During this webinar we will dig deeper into And It Was Good, the new science teacher resource developed by Christian Schools International. You heard the history and purpose behind this innovative new product at our earlier webinar. Now it is time to answer your questions as they pertain to worldview implementation through the use of the Teaching for Transformation Throughlines, use of the Next Generation Science Standards, and the writing process behind the sample lessons. This webinar is for those who are ready to take the next step in discovering how this resource can transform the way science is taught.

If you missed our March 26 webinar on the history and purpose, there is still time to join the conversation! Click here to listen to “Science Standards and Christian Worldview.”

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Six Challenging Ideas to Teach in Physical Science (And How to Avoid Misconceptions)

April 16, 2015

Dave Mulder, Professor, Dordt College, Iowa

Dave Mulder of Dordt College will help you become more confident in teaching the physical sciences.  Dave will challenge you to re-think how you teach lessons like mass versus weight, gravity, inertia, conservation of energy, heat and temperature, and density and buoyancy.

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"Who’s the Bully Now?"

April 15, 2015

Pine Rest’s Carolyn King, M.D.

Carolyn King, MD, is a psychiatrist at the Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in-patient hospital. She works with children, adolescents, and adults.

In most every bullying situation there are four key players: the bully, the target, bystanders, and “upstanders”. Bystanders are those who witness the bullying but choose to do nothing to help the person who is targeted. They are actually part of the problem, part of what enables the bully. Upstanders are also witnesses to the bullying; however, they choose to take some action to help the targeted person. An upstander is anyone who stands up for someone who is the target of bullying.

Learn how to become an "upstander" when it comes to bullying.

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Science Standards and Christian Worldview

March 26, 2015

Darryl Shelton and Rachedl Heyboer, Christian Schools International

During this webinar, you will learn about And It Was Good, the new science teacher resource developed by Christian Schools International. And It Was Good provides a model for incorporating the Next Generation Science and engineering standards and a Christian worldview into science education without compromising either faith or scholarship. When faith is seamlessly integrated with instruction, students understand that every inch of creation has been fashioned by God’s design.

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Beyond Special Education: the Power of Inclusive Education

March 25, 2015

CLC Network teacher consultant, Becky Tubergen and advancement director, Elizabeth Dombrowski

Learn how your school can strengthen your academic support services beyond special education.

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Governance, Relationships, and Leading through Times of Change

January 15, 2015

David Koetje, CEO Christian Schools International

Christian schools are navigating their way through a rapidly changing education landscape. This fast past journey will create tension in the board room. This webinar focuses on patterns for how school boards and heads of schools can create a culture where facing those tensions can be energizing as leadership works together to enhance the mission of the school.  These patterns suggest areas of mutual responsibility and mutual accountability.

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Boosting Enrollment through Inbound Marketing

January 13, 2015

Jaclyn Day, Director of Marketing and Communications for RenWeb

Consistent branding, compelling content, leveraging social media outlets, better inquiry management, and lead conversations are all ways you can build a healthy admissions funnel that promotes retention later on.

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Characteristics of Christian Schools Leaders

January 8, 2015

Jeff Blamer, Christian Schools International vice president of member services

Christian Schools International hosted a webinar to advance our conversation on the topic on the characteristics of effective school leaders.

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Accreditation Standards and Common Core Discussion

November 20, 2014

Jeff Blamer, Christian Schools International vice president of member services, and Bob VanWieren, Christian Schools International accreditation program director

What standards is your school using as it develops its curriculum? It is an important school improvement question. Many schools, because of accreditation or state or provincial requirements, must face questions about standards from parents. How should Christian schools respond? We believe Christian schools should be aligning to chosen outside standards, not adopting standards blindly. Christian Schools International has created a paper to guide the conversation for our member schools. Jeff Blamer and Bob VanWieren will present this paper and lead a discussion regarding Christian schools’ alignment to outside curriculum standards.

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Youth Suicide: Christian School Prevention and Postvention

November 18, 2014

Bob VandePol, executive director of the Pine Rest Employee Assistance and Church Assistance Programs

The death of a young person powerfully jars our concept of the way life is supposed to be. That dissonance is multiplied when the death is by suicide. Learn best practices for preventing youth suicide and for mitigating contagion when it does occur.

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Mission Advancement Student Recruitment

October 16, 2014

Joyce Workman, Christian Schools International mission advancement consultant

Joyce will be reviews a student recruitment calendar that includes recruiting activities, including social media recruitment, for every month.

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Creating Caring Discipline in Christian Schools

September 9, 2014

Phil Stegink, director of educational services, CLC Network

In this webinar, Phil Stegink will introduces participants to the concept of restorative practices in Christian schools. This overview discusses how schools can create communities of responsibility, where students understand rules in the context of community rather than as a measure of punishment.

*Please note, first few minutes of recording are not included.

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ADHD and Your Child

May 22, 2014

Behavioral medicine experts Robert Bulten, M.D. and Douglas Bouman, S. Psy.S

Discover the symptoms and treatments of ADD/ADHD with behavioral medicine experts Robert Bulten, M.D. and Douglas Bouman, S. Psy.S. This webinar is focused on ADHD information for parents and is a helpful option for teachers who would like to learn more about ADHD or use as a referral for parents to consider.

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Christian School Capital Campaigns: Best Practices and Biggest Mistakes

May 8, 2014

Derric Bakker, President of Dickerson, Bakker & Associates

A capital campaign is one of the most significant initiatives your school will undertake. It is a complex undertaking, and it is critically important that it be done right. To succeed, a Christian school capital campaign must have a very high profile. This means that if it flops, it will be a high-profile flop. You also generally only have one shot at getting it right. Dickerson Bakker & Associates has 30 years of experience conducting hundreds of capital campaigns. In this webinar we will share best practice tips that will help ensure a successful campaign, as well as identify some of the most common pitfalls and mistakes that have inhibited other Christian schools from achieving success in their campaigns. You will find the information helpful whether you are considering a campaign for new construction, renovation/expansion, an endowment, debt reduction, or any combination of above.

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Emergency Preparedness

April 28, 2014

Jim Satterfield, President Firestorm Solutions/Ginger Reed, Project Manager RenWeb

Is your school vulnerable to a crisis? A formal risk assessment can help you to properly understand a school’s risks and how those risks could be minimized through additional controls. This webinar helps administrators identify the threats schools and their students face and ways to manage the impacts and provide effective responsiveness when violence happens. Attendees will learn how to complete the vulnerability analysis process, prioritize threats, map risks, understand responsive violence in school, and plan accordingly. While no plan can eliminate all risks, foresight and preparedness can go a long way to prevention and recovery.

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Maximizing Your School’s Social Media Presence Even with Limited Resources

March 17, 2014

Jaclyn Day, communications manager for RenWeb

This seminar demonstrates how you can manage a robust social media presence with limited resources by smartly combining the power of your school’s website with a school blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Incorporating Faith into Your Student Travel

March 11, 2014

Dan Hermen, director of sales and marketing for Witte Travel

Join us for a discussion on how to ensure that your students are getting the most out of their Christian educational travel. We’ll share great ways to use the travel experience to nurture, grow, inspire, and challenge your students in their faith, no matter what type of trip you are leading. We’ll also include a look at top destinations for 2014-15.

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Lost at School: How We Can Help Kids with Challenging Behavior

February 24, 2014

Phil Stegnik, director of education services, CLC Network, and assistant professor at Calvin College

Join Phil Stegink as he discusses some of the important points in the book Lost at School by Dr. Ross W. Greene, which asserts that students who bring significant challenging behaviors to school and who are often disenfranchised from the mainstream are unable to comply with school policies and codes of conduct.

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Establishing an Advancement Office

February 18, 2014

Joyce Workman, mission advancement consultant at Christian Schools International

Many of our smaller Christian schools do not have advancement officers or offices. Yet the need for fund development work and student recruitment is as great in the small school as it is in the large association. Putting structures and individuals in place to insure that advancement work is producing quality results is crucial to the sustainability of the Christian school.

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Dealing with Gender Identity: Resources for Counselors

January 28, 2014

Mary Hulst, chaplain at Calvin College

Christian high school counselors are more frequently advising students who are facing gender identity issues. Mary will frame the conversation, lead a time of Q/A, and provide information on resources that are available to high school counselors.

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Top 20 Tips for Modernizing Today's Schools

January 23, 2014

Mark Wile, vice president of corporate sales for RenWeb

This fast-paced seminar covers 20 ways to use cost-effective technology to increase enrollment, reduce operating costs, enhance marketing and fundraising, and improve collections. That includes an eye-opening overview of what is possible in website technology, internet marketing, social media, online commerce, and donor data management, and how these technologies can benefit schools. The session then discusses how schools can start the process of implementing these new technologies so they can leave the session with knowledge of the first steps to take.

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Leadership in Times of Crisis

January 21, 2014

Bob Vandepol, president of PAX Crisis Response, a non-profit subsidiary of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

When tragedy strikes a Christian school, the community immediately looks to the school’s leadership for direction. In a time like this, it is critical to have a plan in place.

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CEO Leadership and the Teaching Principal

November 14, 2013

David Koetje, president and ceo of Christian Schools International

The move away from a problem-solving board to a visioning board assumes that the head of school takes on the role of the school’s chief executive officer. Best practice clearly suggests this direction for all of our schools. This creates significant challenges for the principal who also has classroom responsibilities. Is there relief? We will explore.

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5 Recommendations to Consider Before Implementing Your Next Website

November 11, 2013

RenWeb, Powering School Systems Online

Your school’s website is your premier marketing vehicle. It can make or break the first impression of prospective parents searching online for a Christian school in their area. What impression does your website provide? Does it look outdated? Is it too difficult to maintain with current information because it requires a webmaster or parent at the school to load updates onto the site? The sophisticated capabilities of today's websites and the demands placed upon them by Smartphones and tablets are likely very different than when your last website was implemented.  Join this webinar and let us show you the capabilities of new website solutions and what you should request from your next website provider.

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