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2023 US Compensation Report

US Compensation Reports

Customized and non-customized annual compensation reports are offered to member schools in the US (Compensation information for schools in Canada is provided by the regional offices in Canada). The fee for this member service must be paid when data is submitted and before the school’s report is prepared and sent to the school.

Compensation report fees:

  • CSI member school customized report: $150
  • CSI member school non-customized report: $100
  • Non-member non-customized report: $250

Please note if you choose to pay by credit card, a 3% convenience fee will automatically be charged. Payment by check will delay reports until the check is received by CSI.

Please complete the survey below. To pay by credit card, visit our Payment page, select the specific report you are purchasing from the Payment Reason dropdown menu, and include your school’s name in the Message box.

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