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Recommended Education Consultants

If your school is in need of additional services that CSI currenlty does not offer, we highly recommend the education consultants on this page to support your school and mission. These consultants are independent of CSI and may be contacted for a consultation.

Joel Westa

701.721.0639  | 

Joel Westa is the former president/CEO of Christian Schools International. Prior to serving in that position, he served as superintendent of NorthPointe Christian School in Grand Rapids, MI and as director of academic support for Marine Corps University in Quantico, VA. He is a graduate of the Harvard Senior Executive Fellows program, the Van Lunen Fellows program, and holds two executive certificates from Notre Dame in Non-Profit Leadership and Management and Advanced Negotiation, and a certificate in Business Strategy from Cornell University. He teaches and writes on board governance, executive leadership, and organizational change and implementation. 

Areas of Service

Board Development and Governance Consulting: Helping you build a stronger Christian school board, Joel will work with you and your board to explore the distinctions between governance and management. He will help define for you the role of the board, move on the performance expectation of the individual board member, and then focus on board member recruitment.

Individual Mentoring, Coaching, and Consulting: Whether you are a new or seasoned school leader, Joel will come along aside and mentor you to be a more effective school leader who sets agendas, becomes a more strategic thinker, and helps you problem solve the day-to-day operations of a Christian school.

David Ritter, Imago Dei Group

912.656.7567  | 

David Ritter, PhD, formerly of CSI Consulting from 2008–2018, currently serves as a CSI regional coordinator of Accreditation. He holds bachelor’s degrees from Elmhurst College in management and Northern Illinois University in teaching, a master of arts degree from Wheaton College in educational ministries, and a PhD in educational leadership/Christian thought from American University of Biblical Studies. David has served as the head of school and interim head of school at Christian schools in Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, and Missouri.

Areas of Service

Head of School/Leadership Searches: David Ritter, Ph.D. (and the Imago Dei Group) specializes in head of school and leadership searches specifically for Christian schools. Over the last 10+ years, they have successfully served and completed numerous K–12 Christian school head of school/leadership searches. As such, they have built a comprehensive and deep portfolio of well-qualified and potential leaders and continue to identify and screen outstanding and highly qualified candidates. The Imago Dei Group’s network of candidates, along with their degree of specialty and comprehensive services are unrivaled. They exceptionally and cost-effectively serve Christian school boards and search committees in the vital responsibility of finding the Christ-honoring leaders who are the well qualified, wise and humble servants after the heart and mind of God.

School Stabilization and Transitional (Interim) HoS Leadership during organizational changes: David Ritter, Ph.D. (and the Imago Dei Group) are positioned to come alongside the Christian school that finds itself in a season of organizational change and desiring thriving sustainability. This entails providing and developing change, transition, or positioning strategies that optimize academic and operational excellence while keeping your school relevant in God's timeless truths and methods without compromise despite a rapidly changing culture.

Randy Kroll, CPA

612.860.6127  | 

Randy Kroll is a CPA, education leader, professional advisor, and board member. Through 30+ years as a practicing CPA and 9 years as an education leader and executive consultant, Randy has had many valuable corporate and organizational experiences, which allowed him to develop expertise and passions that have shaped him into an effective consultant and advisor. He served as president of a local, multi-office Minneapolis/St. Paul CPA firm for 10 years and has led three Christian schools in Minnesota in interim roles from which he established new leadership models for those schools, led organizational and cultural changes, and positioned them for the next level of organizational performance. He has served as a volunteer leader on numerous local, national, and international nonprofit organization boards, many times leading as an officer of the board.

Areas of Service

Board Governance Consulting: Using his experiences from serving more than 15 nonprofit boards (including pre-K through university schools), Randy provides very practical advice to boards, generally starting with a board retreat to establish a board governance culture. Flowing out of the board retreat, Randy works with boards to establish new structures, policies, and practices that enhance the board’s leadership role and to institutionalize a healthy organizational environment that embraces strategic direction, role responsibility, and accountability.

Organizational Assessment: Occasionally schools will hit a wall of uncertainty related to its culture, its directions, its relationships, and/or relevancy of its education. Having a community outsider come in to create dialogues around this uncertainty to diagnose problems, identify issues, and discover opportunities can result in important forward-looking decision-making. Working toward an outcome in the form of an organization assessment report to the board of directors, Randy will create one-to-one and/or group dialogues to diagnose, identify, and discover. From this process, Randy will help the board and leadership capitalize on the learning to transform problems and issues into opportunities.

Financial Planning: Lack of clarity related to financial realities and the related impact on financial futures can result in avoidance or paralysis. Using his deep expertise in finances and financial planning developed over a 30-year tenure in the CPA profession, Randy will work with the board and leaders to develop a multi-year financial plan reflecting clear strategies to achieve sustainability.