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Serving Schools that Celebrate God’s Faithfulness

Join a network of Christian schools with a shared vision for serving God, advancing his kingdom, and educating his children in the context of a transformational worldview.

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We are called to be united, and the only way Christian education is going to be successful is by working together, sharing resources and best practices. Your membership with CSI provides the power of a network of many Christian schools that work together to help each other navigate the long and short term questions, as well as concerns that you face in your schools’ education journey.

Membership with CSI will:

  • Facilitate that connection and provide you with many services and products that you might need to help improve and advance your school.
  • Push your thinking by facilitating conversations about what is to come and what is next for Christian education in the future.
  • Join you with a network and community of more than 400 Christian schools that are truly the gem and cornerstone of our organization.

What’s Included in Membership

Professional development programs that are engaging and applicable to today’s school leadership needs

What’s included:

  • Institutes to cultivate school leadership, including Principal Development Institute (PDI) and Educators Leadership Development Institute (ELDI)
  • Regular communications

Access to our highly regarded accreditation program 

What you need to know:

  • Our accreditation program is grounded in a distinctively Christian worldview, which encourages schools to measure the mission.
  • CSI accreditation assures parents, students, and other stakeholders of your school’s commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and accountability.
  • CSI’s Measuring the Mission serves as the core tool in dual accreditation agreements with Cognia, Middle States, and Western States and is also fully recognized by numerous states and state agencies.

Participation in well-established employee benefit plans. By being a part of a network of schools, your school has a huge advantage in saving

What we offer:

  • US retirement program
  • US health insurance plan (in states where plan options are not restricted)
  • Group payroll plans
  • Various limited benefit and insurance programs

Access to hands-on professional development and network of dedicated teachers

What you need to know:

  • CSI products, instructional programs, trainings, and publications are rooted in tradition, reformed in worldview, and crafted to continue building on the value they reap for Christian teachers.
  • CSI Bible and science curriculums give students an in-depth knowledge of the Bible, a strong faith foundation, and high-quality content that is easily adapted.
  • CSI believes learning is best done in community through meaningful networking, practical, hands-on instruction, sharing of best practices, resource libraries, and partnerships with other like-minded organizations.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! 
Psalms 133:1

CSI Member Dues 2022–2023

The schedule of Christian School International member dues for 2022–2023.

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Join a network of Christian schools with a shared vision for serving God, advancing his kingdom, and educating his children in the context of a transformational worldview.

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