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Handong International School

Math Teacher (Secondary Division)

Math teacher of Geometry (grade 9) and Algebra 2 (grade 10)

Handong International School (HIS), a Christian alternative school located in Pohang, Republic of Korea, is inviting applications for a math teacher position in its secondary (middle and high school) division. Please click the following link for more information.

Job Requirements

See above.

Education Requirements

To be considered for the position, each applicant is expected to:

  • Be committed to Christ and Christian Education
  • Be a citizen of U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland
  • Hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in math education, math, or a related field
  • Be passionate about teaching and caring for students
  • Be eligible for a F-4 visa (visa for people of Korean heritage)

Applicants who meet the following conditions are preferred:

  • Experienced in the areas mentioned above
  • Bilingual (English and Korean)

Position Benefits

  1. Monthly salary: Starting at approximately 2.1 ~ 2.6 million KWR (commensurate with academic qualifications and full-time employment experience)
  2. Additional allowances: (1) Relocation allowance (one-time), (2) Airfare allowance (yearly, after one year of service is completed), (3) Continuous service allowance (from the 2nd year of service at HIS), (4) Child education support allowance (if enrolling a child in HIS)
  3. Benefits: (1) Housing (furnished), (2) Employment insurance, medical insurance and pension in accordance with Korean law, (3) Severance pay

Contact Handong International School

Hamin Baek
Director of Teaching & Learning Center
Phone: 82-54-260-1740
Fax: 82-54-260-1739

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