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Covenant Christian School


We are seeking a highly qualified candidate for the Principal of Covenant Christian School who has a passion for Christian education.

The Principal plays a vital leadership role across many aspects of the school and acts as the Christian culture-carrier for all staff and stakeholders. The Principal’s responsibilities include: managing the teaching and administrative staff, liaising with the Board, interacting with parents and other stakeholders, leading high-level curriculum discussions, and helping with strategic planning efforts for the school. 

Roles and Responsibilities

• Intertwining our faith mission in all aspects of the school environment

• Overseeing teaching and administrative staff

• Ensuring curriculum standards are met

• Enforcing school policies, including adherence to disciplinary codes

• Guiding the professional growth of teachers and staff

• Maintaining a relationship with other area Christian organizations

• Leading in the recruiting and assigning of all staff members

• Acting as the key liaison between the Board and staff

• Assisting teachers in establishing and maintaining a classroom atmosphere conducive to effective learning

• Coordinating programs for students with special needs

• Holding responsibility for the orderliness, maintenance and proper use of the school building and grounds

• Maintaining a congenial, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere in the school

Covenant Christian School was established in 1993 by a group of independent, multi-denominational parents looking for a comprehensive academic program. The school’s mission is to partner with Christian parents to equip their children to serve God in His world by providing a Christ-centered, academically excellent education. This spirit carries forth in all of our classes and activities. Alongside a traditional English language-based track, the school also hosts the local region’s only complete Spanish Immersion Program, in partnership with Add-a-Lingua. Taught by native Spanish speakers from several different countries, these classes offer students the chance to gain strong fluency in Spanish as well as a broader cultural perspective. We offer a unique combination of Christian values, small class sizes, and a platform that leads to local and global cultural awareness.

Job Requirements

We are seeking a highly qualified candidate for the Principal of Covenant Christian who has a passion for Christian education, has the leadership capabilities to manage our staff and operations effectively, and excels in working with the myriad types of stakeholders one finds in a school environment. Further, given our dual-track of English instruction and Spanish immersion, we are looking for someone who embraces this unique approach to teaching our children about other languages and cultures.

Commitment to establishing and maintaining a wholesome spiritual, emotional, educational, and professional atmosphere in the school in order to embody the characteristics we desire as a Christian school.

Education Requirements

• State teaching certificate and 5+ years of teaching experience (required)

• Bachelor’s degree (required)

• Master’s degree (preferred)

• Administrator’s license (preferred; if candidate does not have license, it is expected that he/she intends to work towards one)

• Fluency/proficiency in Spanish (preferred) 

Contact Covenant Christian School

Paul Buser
Board Member
Phone: 574-255-5972
Fax: 574-255-5196

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