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Mustard Seed School

Early Childhood Teacher

The classroom teacher designs academic instruction and develops a classroom community to further the mission of Mustard Seed School.

Essential Responsibilities

1.Curriculum and Instruction

  • Teach passionately. Demonstrate passion for the academic content and developing the whole child.
  • Design educational unit and lesson plans that are appropriate to the grade level and developmental needs of students that
  • implement a progressive philosophy of education informed by the Reggio Emilia approach
  • reflect relevant standards
  • further an experiential approach to education
  • promote critical, creative, and deep thinking
  • weave interdisciplinary content and skills together
  • use an Understanding by Design model.
  • Choose content and strategies that help students to see, respect, and value diversity, including learning style diversity.
  • Select and regularly use various and effective means of assessment to measure students’ learning and inform instruction.
  • Cultivate and assess students’ habits of Heart and Mind and Learning and Work as well as academic progress.
  • Organize educational field trips and expert visits that meaningfully extend students’ learning outside the walls of the classroom.
  • Implement service plans for students who qualify for special services and refer students who are in need of more thorough evaluation. Work as a team with learning specialists and support staff.

2.School Culture and Environment

  • Honor each person as a unique and beloved child of God deserving a safe, strong, and beautiful learning community.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues.
  • Promote rich and productive student collaboration.
  • Value the aesthetic of the classroom and use student art and work to document and express the process of learning.
  • Establish a climate of order, caring, and safety in all areas inside and outside of the school building.
  • Practice the pedagogical framework outlined in the Twelve Affirmations.

3.Management and Professional Responsibilities

  • Maintain records of student assessments.
  • Honor the commitments that are expressed in Mustard Seed School handbooks.
  • Collaborate with colleagues during scheduled team meetings and during impromptu conversations/investigations.
  • Attend, support, and plan outside-school-hours events listed in the Staff Handbook.
  • Take responsibility for other tasks directors assign.

4.Parent and Student Relations, Documentation, and Communication

  • Communicate with parents about classroom activities and expectations through established formats such as a weekly classroom blog, email, newsletter or daily journal.
  • Update parents regularly about their child’s progress and needs through email, notes, phone calls, conversations, midterms, and progress reports.
  • Schedule, attend, and document parent conferences throughout the year.
  • Guard the privacy of children and families by keeping all discussions of a child’s behavior, progress, grades, academic struggles, medical conditions, school records, or family situations confidential.
  • Document and report unusual incidents or patterns of student behavior. Document accidents and injuries. Document parent communication.
  • Function as a mandated reporter of suspected child abuse or neglect.

5.Worship and Service Leadership

  • Lead community worship and help develop worship themes.
  • As a classroom community create times of meditation, reflection, and prayer.
  • Organize and plan for student service and leadership, including annual celebrations, service projects, and other activities.

6.Professional Growth

  • Develop as a reflective teacher through goal-setting, cultivation of Habits of Heart and Mind, Learning and Work, staff evaluation, team meetings, self reflection, and research.
  • Actively participate in a Christian worshiping community.
  • Use professional development, conferences, reading, and professional visits to keep current on issues relating to schooling and Christian education.

Education Requirements

BA in a early childhood education from an accredited college or university

Able to work in the USA

Position Benefits

Professional Development funding

Health insurance

Contact Mustard Seed School

Thomas Postema
Head of School
Phone: 2016535548

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