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Moline Christian School

ESS Director

Seeking an ESS Director to coordinate the educational programming which involves a school-wide system of support and services.

  1. Participate in Administrative Team Meetings
  2. Provides recommendations to administration on staffing needs based on caseload
  3. Create a service schedule for ESS students, students needing intervention and Paraeducators.
  4. Establish and maintain a school-wide system of support including: A referral process; Continuity of support and services throughout all grade levels; Common language and clear communication among staff and parents
  5. Coordinates with administration and other instructional leaders to identify professional learning opportunities and best practices to support all students
  6. Evaluates educational programming consistency/coherency (common language and forms), quality (expectations and practices), efficiency and effectiveness
  7. Provide fidelity and accountability to general education staff for the need to utilize all student accommodations and interventions as outlined in the ISPs
  8. Support and mentor all ESS staff in their fivefold role of: Direct Teaching; Consultant to General Education staff; Students Diagnostician; Paraeducator Supervisor; Student Advocate
  9. Maintain valid teacher certification.
  10. Serve as a liaison between all members of the ESS team, including public school providers.

Job Requirements

We are looking for an ESS Director who has a vibrant and active faith life and a personal relationship with the Lord.

  1. Collaborate and consult with general education teachers, administrators, and parents when needed concerning students receiving direct and indirect support, including issues of: academic adjustment; social development; providing materials when necessary; creating curriculum as needed.
  2. Coordinate Child Study Teams to discuss student progress and make decisions about diagnostic evaluation possibilities.
  3. Coordinate and facilitate formal teacher-to-teacher meetings as necessary.
  4. Manage as necessary the paperwork flow and fidelity of how it is being implemented in the classroom.
  5. Works to establish an MTSS for early intervention and oversees that interventions are happening.
  6. Be involved as needed within an established Benchmarking/Screening and Progress Monitoring protocol.
  7. Report evaluation results to parents/guardians and General Education school staff.
  8. Make suggestions concerning effective teaching strategies, materials and curriculum, relative to assessment results.

Education Requirements

  • A degree in special education preferred

Position Benefits

  • Salaried with benefits

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Tim Steenstra
Interim Administrator
Phone: 616-877-4688

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