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AnchorPoint Christian School


AnchorPoint Christian School is looking for a student interventionist to work directly under the Support Services Director.

  • Assist student in completing classroom assignments, homework and projects.
  • Assure student understanding of classroom rules and procedures and assist student by answering questions, providing proper examples, emotional support, friendly attitude and general guidance.
  • Read to student, listen to student read and observe student reading abilities as assigned.
  • Assist student with letter and word pronunciation and recognition.
  • Assist student with math, spelling and writing exercises and assignments.
  • Assist assigned teacher with the implementation of lesson plans.
  • Assist the certificated teacher with the supervision of students during non-instructional times, such as emergency drills, assemblies, cafeteria, restrooms, field trips, hallways, playground and specials.
  • Assist with lunch, snacks and other clean-up duties, as assigned.
  • Assure the health and safety of students by following established practices and procedures and maintain the learning environment in a safe, orderly and clean manner.
  • Observe and control behavior of student in the classroom according to approved procedures, monitor student during all activities as directed, become familiar with student IEP goals and report progress regarding student performance and behavior to supervising teacher.

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