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Ankeny Christian Academy

Secondary Principal

Under the school administrator, the secondary principal oversees the entirety of the secondary school program.

  1. To build community within the secondary school. This point focuses on the culture of the school.
  2. To oversee professional development opportunities for the faculty.
  3. To oversee the course offerings and schedule development of the secondary school.
  4. To counsel students as needs arise.
  5. To maintain positive student behavior.
  6. To maintain faculty academic standards as it relates to curricular content and pedagogy.
  7. To maintain good school culture via the acceptance of good students.

Job Requirements

  1. Academic preparation that enables the candidate to fulfil the responsibilities of the position.
  2. Classroom experience that prepares the candidate to make important decisions related to the responsibilities of the position.
  3. The ability to demonstrate a deep understanding of scripture that motivates a strong Christian life.

Education Requirements

This is somewhat open ended. A Master's degree in education would be optimal but not required. There are no certifications that are required.

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