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Avail Academy

Principal | Edina Campus

Avail Academy, a Christian School in Minneapolis, is seeking a dynamic principal for our Edina campus.

The campus principal leads and manages the academic, operational, and personnel activities of an Avail campus, ensuring the implementation of Avail’s philosophy of education, vision, mission, and strategic initiatives.

Our ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Loves God, loves teachers, and loves kids
  • Creates engaging learning activities to meet a variety of student needs
  • Collaborates effectively and positively with students, parents, staff, and leadership
  • Recognizes, celebrates and encourages the gifts of others
  • Is uniquely qualified and gifted by God to recruit, develop, and lead a team of professional educators
  • Has a passion for Christian schools and faith nurturing
  • Has a master’s degree or significant experience in education administration



  1. Testimony of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  2. Has a maturing relationship with Christ and His church.
  3. Desires to disciple others.
  4. Unreserved commitment to the purpose, vision, and core values of Avail Academy.
  5. Ability to abide by the policies, procedures, and practices of Avail Academy.
  6. Can subscribe without mental reservation to Statement of Faith of Avail Academy.
  7. A passion for Christian education.
  8. Effective communication skills: written, verbal and interpersonal.
  9. Derives satisfaction from serving as a team player in a collaborative environment.

Position Specific:

  1. Master’s degree in education or related field.
  2. Successful experience in principal or senior leadership preferred.
  3. History of successfully providing direction, alignment, and facilitation.
  4. Reputation for developing and maintaining effective educational and improvement programs.
  5. Demonstrated ability to lead, develop, and manage a professional staff.
  6. Compassion for students with an ability to achieve effective discipline, ensuring educational strategies are in place that support effective learning for all students.
  7. Business management, strategic, and operational planning skills.
  8. Valid teaching license.


Academic Leadership

  1. Collaborate with teachers, parents and students to provide a quality education for each student and assist them in their academic and life goals.
  2. Collaborate with Leadership Team to implement an effective curriculum that meets accreditation and state standards.
  3. Coordinate and supervise guidance and counseling services to students to address their academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs, and post-high school readiness of students.
  4. Discipline students according to school policy and enforce campus rules, such as the dress code and attendance policy.
  5. Collaborate with Leadership Team to develop and oversee procedures for the continual assessment of student achievement.

Operational Leadership

  1. Collaborate with Leadership Team to develop campus budgets based on documented program needs, estimated enrollment, personnel, and other fiscal needs and keep expenditures within approved budgets.
  2. Collaborate with Leadership Team to design, initiate, facilitate, and implement events, activities, and scheduling to meet ever changing student and staff needs.
  3. Coordinate and supervise auxiliary services such as lunch, transportation, and extracurricular programs.
  4. Supervise facility use, maintenance, and security of facilities to ensure a clean, orderly, and safe campus.
  5. Act as a liaison between the campus and the community encouraging the community to participate in the educational process as part of the overall school life.

Personnel Leadership

  1. Recruit, develop, and lead a professional team of educators.
  2. Recruit, develop, and lead a strong administrative team.
  3. Evaluate educators and other staff members to ensure the standardized curriculum is adhered to and identify areas of improvement.
  4. Collaborate with the Leadership Team in organizational development, process generation, and promoting Avail Academy.
  5. Performs other such duties as may be assigned by the president or mutually agreed upon by Leadership Team.

Job Requirements

To Apply:

Interested candidates should submit the following to

  • Letter of application
  • Resume/CV
  • Names and contact information for three references
  • Faith statement

Contact Avail Academy

Avail Academy President
Phone: 763-531-1732

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