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Summit Christian School

Head of School (2022-2023)

Summit Christian School is seeking to hire a dynamic Head of School who can inspire and shape a bright future for SCS.

  • Carries out all functions in accordance with the policies adopted by the SCS Board
  • Reports to board as an advisor, as the manager of SCS and as executive officer over all
  • personnel
  • Carries out the objectives of the session and school board including managing student, staff,
  • faculty; oversees technology coordinator, educational coordinator, and administrative assistant
  • Must be a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church and serve as an ambassador to the
  • church and city at large
  • Meets regularly with senior pastor of WPC

Job Requirements

General responsibilities

  • Recruit, screen, select, and recommend faculty and staff appointments to the board
  • Provide effective leadership for faculty and staff
  • Assume responsibility or the general welfare of the student body
  • Promote the professional advancement of the faculty and staff
  • Promote understanding an cooperation between the administration, faculty, staff, and students
  • Assign responsibilities to teachers and oversee their execution
  • Provide personal counseling and spiritual guidance to faculty, staff, and students
  • Maintain and effectively utilize the school building and grounds
  • Serve as chief spokesperson for the school and act as liaison between the school, church, and community at large

Accountabilities to the school board

  • Execute board policies
  • Work with finance committee to develop budgets
  • Provide leadership, recommendations in developing a strategic plan for SCS
  • Recommend faculty an staff appointments or dismissals to the board
  • Present written and/or oral reports to school board concerning school activities monthly
  • Enforce, interpret, and revise any necessary policies of all school handbooks
  • Establish all scheduling
  • Maintain professional credentials an accreditations

Hiring responsibilities

  • Advertise available positions on school, CSF, and SCI websites as well as other appropriate opportunities
  • Search websites for available teacher applicants
  • Invite previously screened applications
  • Invite candidates for an interview
  • Send recommendations for each position to the school board
  • After approval, offer applicant a position pending background check.

Administrative responsibilities

  • Review and revise monthly financial reports
  • Work with finance committee to establish fees/tuitions
  • Develop an annual budget for approval
  • Supervise account management with the bookkeeper
  • Develop appropriate salaries and benefits for faculty and staff
  • Provide support and guidance for fundraising and donor development efforts
  • Provide annual evaluations of all faculty and staff

Education Requirements

  • Master's in Educational Leadership or similar (strongly preferred)
  • Minimum of 5 years teaching experience with growing leadership responsibilities

Position Benefits

Health Insurance, Retirement, and Tuition benefit.

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Byron West
Senior Pastor
Phone: 239.482.7007

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