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Northside Christian School

Elementary Principal

The Elementary Principal is responsible for all aspects of our Preschool through grade 6 with over 300 students and more than 30 faculty and staff.

The most important requirement for prospective candidates is a vital and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This will be a person having a disciplined personal devotional life which is demonstrated in their public life. The candidate must subscribe to the Doctrinal Statement of NCS. Anyone interested in this role will show commitment to ongoing spiritual growth.

With respect to the continuity in spiritual and doctrinal alignment of NCS as a ministry of NBC, the individual serving as the full-time or part-time ES Principal must be an active member of NBC. There will be no exceptions to the above standard without the recommendation of the NCS Board and approval of the Board of Elders of Northside Baptist Church.

The successful candidate for Elementary Principal at Northside Christian will possess the following:

  • A deep commitment to, and personal understanding of, the principles of a Christian education and a Christian worldview.
  • A passion and commitment to children, and true excitement around the plans that God has for them.
  • A high level of personal integrity and work ethic in leadership roles that inspires emulation by other employees who see the candidate as a great role model.
  • The leadership and motivation to drive wise decisions and action with limited oversight.
  • A unique strength in understanding risk, as developed through both natural disposition and a broad and deep range of relevant experiences; the capacity to pick up on nuance and details to identify areas of potential risk, both small and large; the foresight to design and manage risk systems.
  • Demonstrated skill and expertise in curriculum and curriculum delivery, reflecting both knowledge and passion for teaching, implemented in a way that creates a healthy and effective educational environment.
  • Dedication to the idea that educating the heart (character) is as important as educating the mind, as demonstrated by the ability to lead the development of character and right actions across the student body and teaching faculty.
  • The ability to effectively articulate a curricular and cultural vision for the school, to tie those objectives to grade-level execution, and to tangibly demonstrate subsequent curricular and cultural successes for the entire Northside community.
  • Demonstrated skill at building an ongoing talent pipeline to sustain the school through attracting, recruiting and hiring highly effective teachers.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in mentoring and developing individual teachers and grade-level teams that contribute to the lives of children, their educational attainment, their parents, and the overall goals of the school.
  • The demonstrated ability to create human systems and organizational supports that align people and empower and enable teachers to reach increasing levels of effectiveness in student results.
  • An acknowledgement that a larger student body creates higher complexity and administrative requirements; a high comfort level with technology and a desire to leverage it effectively to reduce administrative burdens on teachers, to leverage shared knowledge across the school, and to increase effectiveness with students.
  • A strong desire to take risks by constantly accomplishing small wins and learning from experience.
  • A desire to be on the “front line” of issues by working directly with key initiatives.
  • A demonstrated skill in connecting community values with aligned and successful actions.
  • An envisioning ability to imagine an exciting and attainable future at the school; an ability to enlist other colleagues and volunteers into the vision of the school.
  • A thorough understanding of the unique and valuable role that parents play in a PS-12 single campus Christian school; the ability, willingness and wisdom to channel that asset into tremendous benefit.
  • A collaborative spirit that includes others in the advancement of the school through shared partnerships.
  • A demonstrated leadership style that enables other to act through winsomeness and goodwill and humor.
  • A natural propensity to celebrate the achievements of the school so that others are inspired to be involved.

Job Requirements

The successful Elementary Principal candidate will have experience and expertise in the following:

  • Leadership in a Christian school that included management of staff, workflow, budgeting, and parental interaction.
  • Experience in articulating curricular objectives that integrate the Christian faith and traditions into the educational model.
  • Understanding of the pedagogical skills in a Christian model.
  • Experience in communicating with a parent community through written forms as well as public presentations.
  • Effective usage of standardized test scores that inform teachers and administrators of the strengths and weaknesses of the program, and also active engagement with parents regarding standardized testing.

The successful Elementary Principal candidate will also be:

  • Someone who prioritizes according to non-urgent, but important matters
  • A leader who demonstrates collegiality and goodwill
  • Equipped with a sense of humor and cooperative spirit
  • Able to work in a growing organization that does not require extensive support
  • Anticipate any problems a new teacher may encounter and prepare them for those experiences so as to minimize mistakes and impact.
  • Behave with courtesy and kindness to everyone under all circumstances.
  • Communicate accurately and clearly with teachers, parents, and administrators.

Model a Christian lifestyle and demonstrate convictions are noticeable and respected by the community.

Education Requirements


1. Masters degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in the field of Educational Leadership

2. Current ACSI certification in administration

3. Previous experience in educational leadership preferably at the elementary level

4. Demonstrated leadership qualities

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