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Avail Academy

Middle School Math Teacher | Edina Campus

Avail Academy, a Christian School in Minneapolis, is seeking a dynamic middle school math teacher at our Edina campus.

Our ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Loves God and loves children.
  • Creates engaging learning activities to meet a variety of student needs.
  • Collaborates effectively and positively with students, parents, and fellow staff members
  • Recognizes, celebrates and encourages the gifts of others.
  • Is uniquely qualified to team pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry to middle school age students.
  • Has a passion for Christian schools and nurturing students in their faith.

Job Requirements


Demonstrate love and service to God:

  1. Express specific knowledge of the Bible and its application in the classroom.
  2. Practice daily devotions of prayer, reading of God’s Word, and meditation.
  3. Give Christian service to others both within and outside the school.
  4. Model and exemplify Christian walk in speech and actions.
  5. Submit to authority out of obedience to Christ.
  6. Encourage the concept of discipleship, stewardship, and service for students.

Exhibit love for students:

  1. Treat each child as uniquely gifted by God for the purpose of serving others (I Peter 4:10).
  2. Show through actions that each child is made to reflect God himself.
  3. Discipline/Disciple all students fairly out of love for them.
  4. Encourage all students persistently.
  5. Guide all students in helping other students learn.
  6. Provide an atmosphere where students will support and learn from each other.
  7. Evaluate students’ progress in learning with announced criteria fairly applied.

Establish Christian professional competence and growth:

  1. Show a strong knowledge of learning theory and curriculum design and develop your own professional growth plan.
  2. Construct and use courses, units, and lessons to integrate faith and learning within the Teaching for Transformation framework.
  3. Select materials and lesson design that specifically carry out the goals derived from the school’s mission statement.
  4. Use evaluation instruments that match the school’s goals and specific objectives. These instruments should allow each child to effectively show what he/she has learned, and help students meet high expectations for learning.
  5. Show interest and wonder in all learning through gestures, body movement, and voice inflection.
  6. Maintain open, positive communication with parents, administrators, and peers.
  7. Utilize educational opportunities and evaluation processes for professional growth.
  8. Use “differentiated” teaching methods/techniques to effectively administer to the needs of all students in the classroom.
  9. Be punctual and dependable in order to meet the needs of your students and fellow teachers.

Communicate effectively according to Biblical and quality teaching standards:

  1. Speak clearly, honestly, and with great concern for the audience.
  2. Compose useful analogies to connect what students are learning to what they have already learned.
  3. Relate stories of God’s faithfulness, personal and communal, with clarity and enthusiasm.
  4. Vary the means (visual, audible, tactile) and language (abstract, concrete, metaphorical, etc.) depending on the subject and the needs of all children.
  5. Encourage each child’s expression, and help students to adopt biblical principles for making choices.
  6. Model awe for the destructive power of sin and God’s restoration of creation and human beings.

Build Christian Community within and outside the school:

  1. Give help to fellow teachers and support staff.
  2. Communicate regularly with parents about their child’s progress and needs.
  3. Assist students beyond the classroom: playground, hallways, personal guidance, etc.
  4. Meet with staff members to listen, learn, worship, (staff devotions) and exchange advice for helping students meet the goals of the school.
  5. Be an active participant and meet regularly with your grade level team (PLC).
  6. Provide a classroom atmosphere (displays, warmth, the arrangement of furniture, etc.) that fosters Christian community.
  7. Participate actively, celebrate, and promote Christian education in the community.

Education Requirements


  1. A faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life.
  2. At least a BA degree from an accredited college or university.
  3. A Minnesota state teaching certificate. If your teaching certificate is from another state, applicant must be willing to work on attaining their Minnesota teaching certificate in the subject/level for which you were hired.
  4. Active member of an evangelical Christian Church.
  5. Demonstrate ability to teach students well at the middle school level.
  6. Training and qualifications to teach pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry along with specific STEM-related courses.

Position Benefits

To Apply:

Interested candidates should submit the following to

  • Letter of application
  • Resume/CV
  • Names and contact information for three references
  • Faith statement

Contact Avail Academy

Bethany Schuttinga

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