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St. John Lutheran School

Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management

St. John Lutheran School is looking for a dynamic and experienced professional to lead all aspects of our marketing and student enrollment program.

The Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive enrollment program while providing strategic leadership in all matters relating to marketing and student recruitment. This professional will utilize past, present, and future enrollment data to identify trends in order to seek continuous improvement in all related areas. This professional will embrace the challenge of improving St. John Lutheran School’s brand and image and promote the school as a great place where faith and academics are integrated. A strong emphasis on customer-service, building personal and lasting relationships, and utilizing best practices is a must for this position. This position requires a collaborative and flexible mindset in order to work with all stakeholders. This is a full-time, 12-month exempt professional position that reports to the School Administrator (Head of School)

Job Requirements

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the entire enrollment process from “Inquiry” to “Official student” while working collaboratively with all necessary school administration and the Business Department to ensure this process is fluid, efficient, and customer-focused
  • To provide strategic direction in promoting the “St. John brand” both internally (to all current SJ families) and externally (to the Ocala Metro area); to be an action-oriented thought leader in the process enhancing the SJ brand impact through relevant and targeted marketing and communications
  • Develop short (6-month or less) and long range (more than 6 months) goals for enrollment/retention by division (elementary, middle, high school); also expected to develop reactive marketing strategies that are quick to respond to changes in the environment, new opportunities, and recruitment patterns
  • To set a clear direction in leadership, structure, and culture of the Marketing and Student Recruitment process and to establish a performance culture with a clear focus on delivering quantifiable results
  • To evaluate continually and revise as necessary all aspects of enrollment and marketing strategies with the goal in mind to maintain a capacity enrollment of qualified students for each grade
  • To provide professional and expert advice across SJ divisions on all areas relating to brand-awareness, reputation, and digital marketing
  • To ensure that SJ has an effective digital marketing strategy implemented to attract and retain students
  • Plan and facilitate on-campus and off-campus recruiting events - these may include: Open Houses, Saint for a Day Shadow programs, individual visits and family tours, Middle and High School Preview Nights, visits to local preschool programs or other K-5th or K-8th grade private schools, school reunions, alumni events, etc.
  • Create and maintain professionally created marketing materials for any family that requests it
  • Collaborate with the SJ Athletic Director to research, design, and distribute SJ Spirit Wear and Spirit items on a regular basis to SJ students and families
  • Ensure individual applicant folders are effectively maintained for all prospective students
  • Participate (with school administration if necessary) in New Family Interviews as part of the admissions process
  • Collaborate with the Director of Technology to update the school website content to maintain a “fresh”, “attractive”, and “compelling” story of school life at SJ
  • Actively cultivate relationships with community organizations - i.e. Ocala Chamber of Commerce that would provide strategic benefits for SJ
  • Regularly monitor stakeholder satisfaction via surveys, focus group interviews, FAN (Family Ambassador Network) groups, etc.
  • Ensure accuracy and timeliness of communications to all stakeholders related to new initiatives, changes, or other administrative directives in the areas of marketing and/or student recruitment & retention
  • Create, nurture, and maintain FAN (word of mouth marketing) group with regular meetings and contact
  • Serve as the “point of contact” for all new students and their families who may have questions about the school or the enrollment process
  • Coordinate all reenrollment activity with consistent monitoring of student attrition and retention rates - this must be quantified and reported to the Head of School as often as needed
  • Prepare and maintain statistics regarding enrollment, geographical distribution of students, and retention & attrition
  • Coordinate, plan, and implement annual activities for SJ alumni - maintain electronic database with alumni contact information
  • Create and send quarterly newsletters targeted to SJ alumni
  • Create and send electronically a monthly newsletter to all current SJ parents using programs like Constant Contact or Mailchimp
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the enrollment process - How do we know it is effective? By what means is it measured? How often? Data -driven decision-making is crucial.
  • Develop marketing tools, events, and advertising campaigns to attract “mission appropriate” students
  • Fully leverage all appropriate social media outlets to inform current SJ parents of school events and “school life”; also use these media outlets to market SJ to prospective new parents
  • Develop effective plans to assimilate new students and track their progress during their first year at SJ
  • Coordinate with the appropriate faculty and staff any relevant placement testing for prospective students
  • In conjunction with administration, evaluate applicants for admissions acceptance
  • Maintain all electronic databases for the effective tracking of each student/family through the admissions process
  • Develop an annual Marketing and Enrollment Management budget to submit to the Head of School and the Director of Finance for review and approval
  • Supervise, evaluate, and direct any staff involved in the admissions/enrollment process
  • Pursue professional development opportunities that will help you grow in your ability to more effectively fulfill your job responsibilities.

Education Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A passion to pursue excellence while working in a Christian ministry
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and dedication to the mission of St. John Lutheran School
  • A BA or BS degree in Marketing and/or equivalent relevant professional experience for the position (experience in private school marketing and student enrollment strongly preferred)
  • A team-player with a “can-do” professional attitude

Position Benefits

Salary range (based on education and experience): $45,000-$50,000

Other benefits:

  • Medical plan (Cigna) paid by school for the employee
  • Vision and Dental plans offered a low cost to employee
  • Retirement plan for employee
  • Disability Insurance
  • Tuition discount for K-12 school-aged children for employee
  • Living in sunny Florida has many benefits too!

Contact St. John Lutheran School

David McFalls
School Administrator (Head of School)
Phone: 352-622-7275 ext. 105

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