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Jenison Christian School

5th Grade Homeroom

JCS is looking for a 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher as part of our middle school collaborative teaching team.

Jenison Christian School is seeking a 5th grade teacher who loves the Lord, loves kids, and loves teaching. At JCS, our 5th grade is the first year of our middle school (5th-8th grade). Our teaching team is highly collaborative and supportive of each other. This role would primarily teach different social studies and Bible sections for 5th and 6th grade students throughout each day. We are seeking someone who puts their faith into action with a main focus on the mission of serving kids and their families as a top value with this role.

Job Requirements

  • A strong comfort level and confidence with technology is prefered as we have learned a lot through this past trimester through our remote-learning requirements from the COVID pandemic.
  • Must enroll your own children in a K-12 Reformed Christian day-school program.
  • Flexibility to adapt with the unknowns and rapid schedule changes that comes with the life of middle-school, but with the added challenges of situations like the COVID pandemic.
  • Having a collaborative mindset is required. We are a team and function as such.

Education Requirements

  • BA in Elementary or Secondary Education
  • Preferred endorsements in Social Studies, Bible, or Language Arts

Position Benefits

  • A team that pursues excellence together, supporting one another
  • Health Insurance Plan ("in lieu of" option available for $500 appreciation if not needed)
  • 403b retirement matching program
  • Graduate Studies / Professional Development Reimbursement (up to $1,500 per year)
  • $100 per year funding from our Parent-Club to support classroom additional needs

Contact Jenison Christian School

Tim Paauw
Phone: 616-648-2406 (cell)

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