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Head of School - Bethesda Christian School

BCS serves 250 preschool and 353 K-12 and is a ministry of Bethesda Community Church in Ft. Worth, Texas.

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Collaboratively working with a strong administrative team, the next Head of School will guide BCS to implement a positive and affirming (“Academic Menu Options”) menu-option academic program. While maintaining the current level of rigor for high achievers, BCS will provide an individualized selection of the proper mixture of on-level and advanced courses for each student to prepare them for their personal path to college and future career choice as the Lord leads their hearts.

Next, Bethesda’s redemptive discipline policy affirms and encourages students in desirable behaviors and Christian character formation. The next leader will reexamine ways this positive, practical way of loving students can be continuously improved to focus on heart transformation…not just behavior modification.

Job Requirements

  • The HEAD OF SCHOOL will be a person who has received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and one who is (or will become) a member of Bethesda Community Church.

  • A minimum of five years effective experience demonstrating leadership in the operations of private/public sector organizations is required. Experience developing and improving a Christian school or public school is desired.

  • The HEAD OF SCHOOL will be called by God and be committed to Christian education. He or she will seek to be a Christian role model in attitude, speech, and actions through a consistent daily relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • He or she will be an experienced administrator and proactive leader who demonstrates continuous improvement of all aspects of a Christian school, Pre-School through High School: spiritual leadership and advocacy, advancement strategies, budgeting and finance, and comprehensive offerings for student curriculum and instruction.

Education Requirements

  • The HEAD OF SCHOOL will be required to have a Bachelors and Masters degree (Doctorate preferred) from an accredited institution and will have a valid certification in school administration. The candidate must have or be willing to obtain an ACSI administrator certification within the first year of employment.

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