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Abbotsford Christian School Society

Faith Formation Director (K-12)

Abbotsford Christian School is currently accepting applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE) position of FAITH FORMATION DIRECTOR for our K-12 students.

The director of Faith Formation offers support and programming with the intent of developing the faith of our students from K-12. The main focus of this role includes partnering with departments and campuses, while collaborating with student life, and supporting service opportunities.

The Faith Formation Director will provide specific oversight to the areas of:

1. CHAPEL COORDINATOR: facilitates programs associated with student faith development.

2. GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: As part of a long-term relationship with EduDeo, the Faith Formation Director works to develop opportunities to enrich this partnership.

3. BIBLE TEACHER/PLANNING: works directly with the Bible department at middle and secondary campuses.

4. FAITH FORMATION: works to develop student spiritual growth. This may include providing support and resources to address student needs, proactive engagement with issues that students are engaging with, and mentoring students through challenges.

Job Requirements

Characteristics of the successful applicant include:

  • Deep understanding of the Christian worldview
  • Friendly, even tempered, and a servant hearted attitude toward staff, parents, and students
  • Teachable, quick learner, organized, confidential, and responsible
  • Mature, driven, passionate, reliable, and known for integrity
  • Willing to work in a team environment in a progressive and creative school
  • Adaptable, professional, self-starter, confident, reliable, confidential, and optimistic

Education Requirements

Specific qualifications include:

  • BA degree in Biblical Studies or a related degree in Christian education
  • Clear understanding of Christian education
  • MA degree in Christian education (MDiv, MCS or equivalent) or related field preferred
  • Experience in youth work, youth ministry, and/or Christian education

Please send your resume, a list of references and credentials, and a one-page essay explaining your Personal Philosophy of Christian education and faith formation.

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