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Beaver County Christian School - Merriman Campus

High School Science Teacher

This position will include teaching Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, and Environmental Science.

The high school science teacher is responsible for delivering curricular content with innovative strategies that fully engage students in learning, while modeling Christ to deepen students’ understanding of a Christian world and life view. This position will likely include teaching Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, and Environmental Science. Most importantly, a BCCS teacher must hold the conviction that Jesus Christ is preeminent in every program of the school.

Job Requirements


A BCCS teacher must demonstrate:

  • An understanding and practice of Christian faith
  • Engaging, effective classroom instruction
  • Effective classroom management
  • Love for students
  • Professional competence and vision
  • Effective communication, according to biblical standards
  • Membership in Christian community within and outside the school

A BCCS teacher must demonstrate an understanding and practice of Christian faith:

  • Express specific knowledge of the Bible and its application to subject area(s).
  • Practice daily devotions of prayer, reading of God’s Word and meditation.
  • Give Christian service to others both within and outside the school.
  • Model an exemplary Christian walk in speech and acts.
  • Submit to authority out of obedience to Christ.

A BCCS teacher must demonstrate love for students:

  • Treat each child as uniquely gifted by God for the purpose of serving others.
  • Show through actions that each child is made to reflect God himself.
  • Encourage all students persistently (catch each of them “doing good”).
  • Discipline all students fairly and firmly out of love for them.
  • Guide all students in helping other students learn.
  • Evaluate students’ progress in learning with announced criteria fairly applied.

A BCCS teacher must demonstrate Christian professional competence and vision:

  • Show a strong knowledge of learning theory, curriculum design, and subject area.
  • Construct and/or use courses, unit, and lessons that integrate knowledge.
  • Select materials and lesson designs that specifically carry out the goals derived from the school’s mission statement.
  • Use evaluation instruments that match the school’s goals and specific objectives, that allow each child to show well what he/she has learned, and that help students meet high expectations for learning.
  • Fit students with the lens of scripture for viewing/learning in the context of fulfilling God’s commission to subdue the earth.
  • Pursue further learning of subject area(s) while seeking the best pedagogy for the school’s goals.

A BCCS teacher must communicate effectively according to Biblical standards:

  • Speak clearly, honestly, and with great concern for the audience.
  • Use fresh analogies to connect new concepts to students’ experiences.
  • Relate stories of God’s faithfulness, personal and communal, with clarity and enthusiasm.
  • Vary the means (visual, audible, tactile) and language (abstract, concrete, metaphorical, etc.) depending on the subject and the needs of all children.
  • Encourage each child’s expression of individuality while helping each student to adopt biblical principles for making choices.
  • Lament the destructive power of sin and praise God for His restoration of creation and human beings.

A BCCS teacher must build Christian community within and outside the school:

  • Give help to fellow teachers and support staff.
  • Assist students beyond the classroom: playground, hallways, extracurricular sponsorship, personal guidance, etc.
  • Meet with staff members to listen, learn, pray, and exchange advice for helping students.
  • Meet the goals of the school.
  • Communicate with parents.
  • Provide a classroom atmosphere (displays, warmth, arrangement of furniture, etc.) that fosters Christian community.
  • Seek input from colleagues and community members in educating the school’s students.


The following are attributes, values and behaviors that are critical for effective leadership at BCCS:

  • You must be a strong, servant leader who is truly called into ministry as a teacher.
  • You must consider all aspects of our school program through the lens of scripture and under God’s sovereignty and kingship.
  • You must endorse a biblical, Christian worldview in all phases of school life.
  • You must promote a spiritual, emotional, and physical environment that fosters growth among students and staff.
  • You must have the ability to set goals, prioritize tasks, and be organized.
  • You must be able to communicate effectively with students, staff, parents, and community members through the school information system (FACTS), in-person, and through other appropriate means.


  • Ability to teach, facilitate, and lead small and large groups, classes, and meetings
  • Ability to work within the framework of a team
  • Ability to maintain a professional demeanor and appearance
  • Ability to represent the BCCS mission and values
  • Ability to perform other duties as assigned by the high school principal

Education Requirements

Education Requirements

  • Must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university
  • Must hold a teacher’s certification (Biology and/or Environmental Science) - can be waived by the supervising principal and/or school board

Position Benefits

Salary will be commensurate with background and experience.Medical benefits, retirement (matching), and fringe will be available.

If you are called to ministry through education; if you love young people; and if you are willing to take risks for students/families; we invite you to apply to join our fun and creative community!

Contact Beaver County Christian School - Merriman Campus

Mr. Douglas J. Carson

Supervising Principal

Phone: (724) 843-8331

Fax: 724-384-0061


Contact Beaver County Christian School - Merriman Campus

Mr. Doug Carson
Supervising Principal
Phone: (724) 843-8331
Fax: (724) 384-0061

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