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Avail Academy

Upper Level Math Teacher | Fridley Campus

Full-time or part-time High School upper level math teacher.

Training and qualifications to teach Algebra 1, geometry, Algebra II, Pre-calculus and AP Calculus. Other responsibilities could include Advisory and electives in areas such as math, P.E., etc., depending on qualifications.

Job Requirements


Minimum Job Qualifications:

  • Holds to a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and is active in a local evangelical church
  • Is in complete agreement with and committed to the Avail Academy Statement of Faith,
  • Precepts of the Avail Academy’s Educational Philosophy, and Article XII of the Constitution of the Avail Academy Society
  • Articulates a biblical worldview as the foundation of strong Christian education
  • Holds at least a Bachelor’s degree in the appropriate field of responsibility; candidates with education training, certification, or experience are preferred
  • Demonstrates a pattern of healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Known to present a Christian role model in speech, actions, and behavior


Personal Professional Qualities:

  • Connects the mission of the school to the daily work of a teacher
  • Demonstrates and models spiritual growth
  • Is reliable and prompt for duties, meetings, and required school activities
  • Demonstrates support for the school through attending school functions
  • Follows all policies and procedures of the school as outlined in the various handbooks
  • Contributes to curricular and co-curricular program development
  • Actively participates in, celebrates and promotes K-12 Christian education in the community

Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

  • Effectively communicates both orally and in writing with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Confers effectively with parents on both a planned and as-needed basis
  • Maintains good working relationships with colleagues; collaborates with colleagues for the purpose of professional growth and the growth of the students
  • Works in cooperation with the school administration


Classroom Instruction:

  • Implements course goals as defined in Avail curriculum documents
  • Prepares lesson plans that account for curricular content, the learner and instructional methods
  • Integrates a biblical worldview into the classroom. Understands and successfully implements the Teaching for Transformation model of faith and learning integration, including Storyline, Throughlines and Formational Learning Experiences.
  • Engages students with a positive and encouraging manner
  • While considering the needs of individual students, uses a variety of instructional strategies and materials to accomplish goals
  • Regularly assesses students, giving useful feedback for the purpose of both formative and summative assessment

Classroom Management:

  • Maintains an orderly, positive learning environment
  • Uses classroom time effectively
  • Handles discipline matters according to the school’s discipline policy
  • Maintains accurate records of attendance, assessments, and grades
  • Follows school guidelines for posting assignments, assessments, and grades
  • Records information obtained or agreed to within parent/teacher conferences


Professional Development

  • Have or be in process of securing a current state teaching license/certificate
  • Pursues ongoing professional growth through such means as attendance at conferences, coursework, or professional reading, including earning a minimum of two semester graduate credits every three years of employment
  • Participates in educational organizations, faculty in-services, and faculty development opportunities
  • Lives out (both as a teacher learner and a classroom leader) the following habits of learning: courageous designer, gracious communicator, joy-fill collaborator, curious thinker

To Apply: Please send a CV/Resume, Statement of Faith, and 3 names and contact information for references to Applications will be received until the position is filled. However, applications are due by March 5, 2020 for priority consideration.

Position Benefits

Salary and benefits dependent on applicant’s qualifications and experience.

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