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Avail Academy

Principal - Fridley Campus

The Principal is primarily responsible for leading the ongoing development and achievement of the school school’s academic program for grades 9-12.

The Principal reports to the President of Avail Academy and is primarily responsible for leading the ongoing development and achievement of the school’s academic program for grades 9-12 at Avail Academy.

The Principal is appointed by the President and is responsible for all leadership, communication, planning and operational functions for the Fridley 9-12 campus in accordance with the operational policies approved by the Board of Directors, and the directives included in the laws of the state of Minnesota.



  1. Ensures that the environment and practices throughout the Avail community are distinctively Christian and Reformed in perspective.
  2. By precept and example, models Christ in leadership, service and communication.
  3. Participates in the Education Leadership Team (comprised of president, dean for curriculum and instruction, campus principals) in the development of the K – 12 curriculum with the goal that the educational goals at the various levels build on each other.
  4. Supervises directly, or through appropriate delegation, select academic personnel and activities including staffing, performance management, salary administration and employee relations matters.
  5. Performs annual performance reviews for select faculty and staff members.
  6. Assists in the development of annual all-campus professional development plans.
  7. Recommends to the President all teaching staff employees for hiring, promotion, transfer, or separation.
  8. Full leadership responsibility for designated areas that would be identified on the basis of his or her areas of expertise.
  9. Directs and provides leadership for all staff in co-curriculars programs (theater, music, athletics).
  10. Participates in teaching assignments as agreed upon and as needed.


  1. Effectively communicates and champions the strengths of Christian education as provided by Avail Academy--first within our supporting churches and also within the Twin Cities Christian community.
  2. Submits a written report to the President for distribution to the Board of Directors prior to its regularly scheduled bi-monthly meetings.
  3. Communicates the results of ongoing evaluations and assessments of select programs and practices to the Education Leadership Team annually.
  4. Appropriately and continuously informs members of the school family of matters concerning the operation of the school, policies and other relevant information.
  5. Ensures that the following are established at primary campus of responsibility and in coordination with all campuses: effective communication, problem resolution, discipline and confidentiality to respond to issues and potential crises involving students, faculty, staff, or parents.


  1. Develops annual and long range plans for select areas of responsibility such as program planning, facility and transportation needs and staff needs for the Fridley 9-12 campus.
  2. Administers select portions of the annual budget (as approved by the Board) related to educational and campus expenditures in accordance with operational policies and legal requirements.
  3. Performs other duties as needed or assigned by the President.

The position will remain open until filled. However, applications are due by February 5 for priority consideration.

Please submit a CV/Resume, letter of interest, faith statement, 3 names and contact information for references

Applications can be sent to

Job Requirements

  • Masters Degree
  • 5 years classroom teaching experience
  • A minimum of 2 years of educational leadership experience

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Bethany J. Schuttinga, PhD
Phone: 763-531-1732

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