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Northern Michigan Christian School

1st Grade Teacher

To provide students with an excellent, Christ-centered education taught from a reformed, Christian perspective.

To plan, organize, & implement an age-appropriate instructional program that challenges minds, nurtures hearts, & develops gifts for service in God’s kingdom.

Job Requirements

Position Focus Areas & Key Responsibilities

Classroom environment

  1. Establish a culture of excellence as it applies to learning & teaching
  2. Create an environment of Christian community & fellowship
  3. Establish effective & efficient classroom routines, procedures, & expectations
  4. Implement appropriate & effective classroom management strategies
  5. Maintain a neat & attractive classroom
  6. Decor must reinforce content area curriculum & show evidence of a Christian world/life view

Planning & preparation

  1. Demonstrate a high level of content area knowledge
  2. Prepare & present effective, engaging, & creative lessons which integrate faith & learning
  3. Provide valuable instruction & opportunity for content area reading & writing
  4. Design relevant, meaningful lesson reinforcement/assignments
  5. Manage pace of instruction based on students’ needs
  6. Plan enrichment activities & remediation where & when possible
  7. Actively engage all students in the learning process
  8. Incorporate a dynamic & relevant use of technology into lessons

Instruction & teaching techniques

  1. Make clearly evident a Christian perspective on teaching & learning
  2. Create a Christian classroom rhythm/ethos which motivates students to learn well
  3. Use a variety of curriculum & instructional resources effectively
  4. Clearly articulate learning expectations & outcomes to students
  5. Provide relevant & engaging lesson activities (e.g. lab, project)
  6. Employ instructional “best practices” & teaching/learning strategies for the Christian classroom
  7. Implement valid & appropriate assessment tools
  8. Demonstrate flexibility & responsiveness to students’ learning styles & abilities

Student/Teacher/Parent Relationships

  1. Demonstrate the understanding that students are children of God & are made in His image
  2. Display sensitivity to varying abilities with words & actions
  3. Work constructively & positively with individuals & groups
  4. Communicate regularly with parents

Collegiality & Professionalism

  1. Advocate for NMCS & Christian education at all times
  2. Promote the positive exchange of ideas, strategies, & professional growth among colleagues
  3. Regularly pursue professional development learning opportunities
  4. Maintain current & accurate records
  5. Follow proper employment/institutional policies & procedures

Education Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree (minimum); Master’s degree (preferred)
  2. State of Michigan Teaching Certificate (or equivalent)
  3. Must attend a Bible believing church.
  4. Must subscribe to Articles II & III of the Northern Michigan Christian School Association constitution

Position Benefits

Salary & benefits as per school policy

Contact Northern Michigan Christian School

Dr. Daniel Albert
Head of School
Phone: 231-825-2999
Fax: 231-825-2371

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