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Asheville Christian Academy

Student/family Counselor

Seeking a female counselor who will be able to serve the spiritual and emotional needs of high school students, and act as a mentor to young women. Start date is as soon as possible.

This is a new position. We are looking for a female who has the credentials to provide counseling services to students (not college guidance). This position will also include components that will permit the engagement of students in habits of flourishing and navigating the culture. This position will also serve as a mentor and support to female high school students. Start date is as soon as possible.

Job Requirements

This position will involve the following professional activities: 1)Providing counseling to students in need; 2)Engagement with students in ways that move them toward spiritual flourishing; 3)Engagement with young ladies, primarily in the high school; 4)Not required, but preferred, teaching a woman's Bible class.

Education Requirements

Undergraduate degree in either counseling or biblical studies. Masters degree in child and/or adolescent counseling or related field. Licensed to counsel. Experience preferred.

Position Benefits

Full time position. Excellent health insurance, life insurance, professional courtesy for children, excellent retirement plan.

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