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Hillcrest School

K-12 Art

Encourage the development of Hillcrest students' gifts and grace in the disciple of art.

Looking for a unique opportunity to use gifts and graces in teaching art? Hillcrest, Jos Nigeria seeks an art teacher who is passionate about art and the teaching of art to students of all ages.

Job Requirements

Provide developmentally appropriate art experiences and instruction for:

elementary students (2 30 minute classes/week),

middle school students (art elective for 1 quarter), and

high school students (Introduction to Art, printing, painting, drawing, and AP 2D art).

Ability to live and serve in a cross-cultural teaching environment

Education Requirements

B.A., B.S. in art, art education or a related field

Teaching license or at least 3 years of verified teaching experience in art

Position Benefits

For teachers coming from outside of Nigeria, Hillcrest provides:

basic furnished on-campus housing,

covers the costs of required immunizations and STR visa,

round-trip airfare per contract for teacher, spouse and up to 2 children

medical evacuation insurance stipend

professional development opportunities

school tuition at Hillcrest for up to 2 biological or legally adopted children

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