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Santiago Christian School

Secondary Math Teacher

Teach secondary math in support of a growing STEM program.

Santiago Christian School seeks an experienced math teacher to help build a high school STEM program that can serve as an example and resource in a country that ranks 133 out of 137 in math and science education (World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report, 2017-2018). SCS is developing a math program that emphasizes robust conceptual understanding along with fluency in operations and a focus on real-life applications of math that can help build a more just and prosperous society in our developing-world context. The ideal candidate will have a master’s degree with U.S. state teacher certification and be able to engage students in critical thinking about math, inspire them with its relevance, and point them to the Creator of the order and structure that sustains life.

Job Requirements

Understanding and/or experience with English as a Second Language strategies in the classroom.

Education Requirements

  • Education degree in math
  • State teacher's license

Position Benefits

  • Salary compensation is adequate for local living.
  • Health insurance
  • Free tuition for children.
  • Free lunch each day.
  • Transportation to and from school.
  • Some compensation for yearly travel to the US.

Contact Santiago Christian School

Anne Cohen
Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: (USA)646-736-6657

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