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Edvance Christian Schools Association

Director of Leadership Development and School Services

Edvance, a new, dynamic, not-for-profit industry association serving Christian schools and their leaders in eastern Canada is hiring.

As Director of Leadership Development and School Services, you’ll be responsible for …

  • Focusing on three main functions: leadership development, school governance support, administrative and school operations support
  • Empowering Christian school leaders in Ontario and Eastern Canada to shape their organizational culture to be effective joy-filled learning environments that are relational, relevant to the age, rigorous in expectation, results oriented, and faithful to Christian world view
  • Attracting new affiliate schools and building affiliate associational loyalty
  • Growing Christian school leaders personally and professionally in areas of competence, character, and courage
  • Encouraging, supporting, and triaging—in times of celebration and when issues arise—at the school level through visits and in-person or virtual consultations
  • Leading and convening conferences, courses, special events, key projects, and unique initiatives focused on leadership development and improved school governance and operations

Job Requirements

What we are looking for ...

  • A demonstrated passion for excellence, professionalism, and growth in the Christian school sector
  • Familiarity with the unique contours of the Ontario educational landscape
  • A deep love for and knowledge of independent Christian elementary and secondary school structures and cultures
  • Leadership experience in the three characteristics that complement our chosen leadership metaphor: prophet/courage (interpreting the times, holding to account), priest/competence (core beliefs, worldview, sector knowledge and skills, care), and king/character (authority of position, justice, integrity, structure)
  • Superior presentation, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Strong relational capacities and interpersonal disposition
  • A posture of humility, integrity, and service
  • Ability to understand issues and solve problems independently
  • Organized and self-disciplined with ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Strategic thinker with creative flare; a courageously innovative builder

Education Requirements

Education and Experience

  • Graduate degree; relevant education degree(s) and certifications
  • Minimum five years advanced leadership experience in Christian education sector
  • Knowledge of industry associations and not-for-profit sector
  • Fluency in applicable policy and regulation
  • Fluency in and capacity to engage and amplify relevant scholarly research

Position Benefits

You’ll work from our office in a dynamic co-working space in Burlington, Ontario at the nexus of the 407, 403 and QEW. This is a full-time position with pension and benefits, set to begin on or around August 1, 2020. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

To apply or reach out with expressions of interest or further questions, please contact Deani Van Pelt, President, Edvance by email or phone at deani.vanpelt@edvance.caor 289.203.7171 ext. 105 before Thursday, November 14, 2019. All inquiries and applications will be held in strictest confidence. Applications should include a detailed curriculum vitae and a statement of vision for the K-12 Christian education sector.

Contact Edvance Christian Schools Association

Deani Van Pelt
Phone: 289.203.7171 ext. 105
Fax: 289.203.7171

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