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Gray Road Baptist Church and Christian School

Elementary School Principal

The Principal will shepherd faculty, staff, students, and families as a ministry of Gray Road Baptist Church leading the K2-6 school in academic excellence.

The principal is appointed to be the primary leader of Gray Road Christian School (GRCS). The focus of the position is to provide leadership for the development of academic excellence in the classroom, while carrying out biblical ministry with teachers, staff, students, and families. This goal is to be carried out as part of GRBC’s mission to serve its members and reach its community.

Reports to: Board of elders (with the GRBC senior pastor providing oversight for daily operations)


Academic Responsibilities

  1. Lead the development and continual evaluation of the overall program (preK3-6th grade) in areas of classroom management, application of curriculum, development of extra-curricular programs, student evaluation, and special services in concert with teachers.
  2. Give specific oversight to all instructional areas, assuring that lesson plans and classroom activities stay within the purpose of the school and meet stated goals.
  3. Lead/monitor the selection process and effectiveness of purchased curriculum resources and decide to replace these resources as needed.
  4. Create a master schedule for the elementary school grade, and delegate the development of individual classroom schedules.
  5. Lead in developing and coordinating educational resources.
  6. Oversee the GRCS resource teacher (or outside services) to serve students with learning disabilities.
  7. Coordinate student evaluation and testing in concert with teachers.
  8. Assist teachers with student discipline and academic problems.
  9. Oversee the scheduling and execution of special events and field trips (e.g., back-to-school night, concerts, reading night, Spring carnival, 4th-6th grade retreat, graduation, etc.).
  10. Maintain regular teaching training, and work to provide continuing education opportunities.
  11. Lead in the development of new educational programs for the school.
  12. Pursue the long-term goal of accreditation for GRCS.

Financial Responsibilities

  1. Oversee the development of the annual school budget.
  2. Approve purchase orders and other spending for elementary school needs.
  3. Oversee ordering of supplies and distribution to classrooms.
  4. Support and promote fundraisers.

Personnel Responsibilities

  1. Recruit, orient, and oversee all faculty and staff. This will include training for teachers on how to handle contacting the Department of Child Services in cases of abuse.
  2. Perform teacher evaluations, giving special attention and guidance to new teachers.
  3. Recruit substitute teachers and other potential future faculty.
  4. Prepare contracts for faculty, including yearly reviews and consideration of contract renewal.
  5. Consult with elders on hiring, discipline, and dismissal of faculty as needed.
  6. Communicate regularly and clearly to faculty and staff with regard to school ministry issues.
  7. Nurture relationships of staff through regular encouragement and communication, as well as special events, in order to maintain a godly atmosphere and good morale.
  8. Teach, train, and lead in biblical care for one another, as well as conflict resolution.

Recruitment and Student Responsibilities

  1. Publicize GRCS in the community to gain enrollment.
  2. Manage the placement of students, including initial screening and testing.
  3. Meet with prospective parents to give tours and information, as well as answer questions.
  4. Coordinate the distribution of enrollment packets to current and prospective students.
  5. Conduct parent conferences when significant student issues arise.
  6. Supervise the proper management of student records.

General Responsibilities

  1. Seek to honor the Lord in all of life, and be an example to others.
  2. Contribute to clear communication with school ministry families, as well as the GRBC family.
  3. Work with church staff in the coordination of room usage and any cleaning/maintenance issues that need to be addressed.
  4. Submit requests for large-scale improvement projects in a timely manner, so they may be considered and approved by the elders, as well as the appropriate deacons.
  5. Organize weekly chapel services (one for pre-K and Kindergarten students, and one for grades 1-6).
  6. Lead in the crisis coordination in emergency situations (e.g., practicing fire drills, lockdown procedures, etc.).
  7. Attend all staff meetings.
  8. Meet with the senior pastor on a regular basis for encouragement, counsel, and accountability.
  9. Provide reports on the state of the school to the church family in members’ meetings.

Job Requirements

The ideal candidate will be qualified in the following areas:

Character: A man meeting the qualifications of an elder, as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9

Doctrine: Be in full agreement with the GRBC Statement of Faith (

Church: Be a member of GRBC, actively involved in church life.

General qualifications:

  • Love for classroom education and biblical discipleship
  • Committed to the authority and sufficiency of the Bible
  • Committed to biblical counseling (If the candidate has no training in biblical counseling, he must commit to being trained.)
  • Committed to lifelong learning, staying informed of changes in theory, practice, and standards of education

Education Requirements

Education: Preferably a Master’s degree, but a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the field of education, with a desire for continued education.

Experience: Preferably 10 years of teaching/administration experience in a formal education setting, though fewer years will be considered

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Pastor of Children
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