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Providence School

High School Math Teacher

Full-time high school mathematics teacher

Providence seeks a full-time high school mathematics teacher who is confident in his or her ability to teach courses from Algebra through AP Calculus. As a Christian school, personal faith is central to the role. Valuing and building productive relationships with students and parents as well as a love for math and commitment to bringing the best day in and day out are critical. The employee community at Providence is vibrant and coastal Santa Barbara is a beautiful town in Southern California. Compensation varies based on experience; salary ranges from $50K to $75K based on a variety of factors.

Job Requirements

Demonstrated experience teaching mathematics is preferred.

Education Requirements

Credential and/or masters degree are preferred. Demonstrated preparation in mathematics is required.

Position Benefits

Full-time employees qualify for insurance benefits. Additionally, Providence has a matching retirement program and tuition benefit for children of faculty and staff who attend grades K-12.

Contact Providence School

Tim Loomer
Interim Head of School
Phone: 805-962-3091

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