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Instructional Programs

Teacher-focused professional development

CSI offers professional development and events that champion and advance Bible and science instruction for the Christian school setting.

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Learning is best done in community and our programs are built to connect and support Bible and science teachers for the long term. Through meaningful networking, practical hands on instruction, sharing of best practices, resource libraries, and partnerships with other respected organizations in the education industry, we can walk with you as you stay current in best pedagogies and enhance your personal growth and career development.

Christian School Educators Science Academy (CSESA)

November 15–16, 2018, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Christian Schools International and Association of Christian Schools International have partnered with Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI) to provide the opportunity for K–8 science educators to participate in a unique professional development program designed to support transformation of science teaching and learning to a practice-based culture. Throughout the training, attendees examine a biblical perspective and discuss Christian responses to the VAEI model with the guidance of a trained biblical worldview facilitator.

Cultivate a curious mind.
Integrate a biblical worldview.

Take your instruction to new heights with a continuing education experience for teachers of science. 

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“I am finding, contrary to my initial fears that students have thrived with this active, collaborative structure and have risen to high expectations set for them. I have come to see that the science classroom is a setting in which students can be formed to be certain kinds of people; as students are becoming more and more scientifically literate citizens and responsible scientists as they do what real scientists do, they also become more formed in heart, mind, and character to be the people of God.”

EunSub Cho

Middle School Science Educator,
The Potter’s House,
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Image of the CSESA Cohort 2, 2017CSESA Cohort 2, 2017

CSI Bible Instruction Symposium

February 13–15, 2018, Washington, DC

Christian Schools International, in partnership with the Museum of the Bible, offers an opportunity for K–12 Bible educators to gain professional development on the ways Christian school teachers can advance and improve Bible instruction for their students. In addition, attendees experience a new way of understanding the cultural and historical importance of the Bible through one of the world's most technologically advanced museums.

Teaching the Word. Making an Impact.

A professional development opportunity that focuses on ways Christian school teachers can advance and improve Bible instruction for their students.

Application deadline: December 3, 2018

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Symposium outcomes

Bullet Point

Developing an understanding of trends in the Bible instruction across North America.

Bullet Point

Creating a vision for exemplary teaching in Bible instruction.

Bullet Point

Hands-on, grade-level focused training and discussions.

“The Bible Symposium has turned our entire school upside down in the best way possible and we are so, so excited. It was a game changer for me, and was the most powerful PD that I have ever had the opportunity to go to in my 20 years of teaching.”

Shade Holmes

Vice Principal 
Medicine Hat Christian School 
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Image of the CSI Bible Instruction Symposium 2018 groupCSI Bible Instruction Symposium 2018 group

CSI Bible Quiz Challenge

June 20, 2019, Washington, DC

The Bible Quiz Challenge was established to celebrate Christian education and the excellent Bible instruction that our CSI member school students receive. The event is hosted by Christian Schools International and supported by the NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible and Zonderkidz. The challenge is open to all 3rd and 4th grade students of CSI member schools.

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Elementary students using laptops in their classroom

Celebrating student’s knowledge of scripture

The challenge runs throughout the 2018–2019 school year. This includes a local competition, a regional competition, and a North American competition to be held at Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, on June 20, 2019.

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Questions about CSI instructional programs?

For more information contact our Curriculum and Instruction Department Specialist, Ashley Howe.

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Ashley Howe

Curriculum and Instruction Department Specialist