Your Gift Will Advance Christian Education

With every gift you give to Bible and science teachers, you are investing in the next generation of Christ followers and the future of Christian education. Many Christian schools cannot afford to send their teachers to professional development events, which is why their participation in CSI’s instructional programs is not possible without generous givers like you.

Each year, Christian Schools International offers two professional development opportunities to teachers in North America: The Christian School Educators Science Academy (CSESA) and the CSI Bible Instruction Symposium. Thank you for considering investing in a Christian teacher and their students.

Christian School Educators Academy (CSESA)

Your gift to CSESA helps provide scholarships to Christian school science teachers to attend a training in an industry leading instructional model for inquiry-based science steeped in biblical worldview. Your support goes a long way in helping increase scientific literacy among science teachers and their students as together they experience excitement, interest, and motivation to learn about phenomena in the natural and physical world that God has created.

CSI Bible Instruction Symposium

Your gift to the CSI Bible Instruction Symposium provides Bible teachers scholarships to experience a unique, high-quality professional development opportunity with their colleagues that allows them to more effectively reach the next generation as followers of Christ. Since government funding is scarce for professional development in religious studies, CSI and the teachers and administrators we serve, are greatly dependent on support from givers like you.