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Teaching the Word. Making an impact.

Illustration: Curriculum Bible Training

The Symposium allows for counsel on best practices from experts in their field, as well as meaningful discussion among peers on what Bible instruction looks like across North America—all within the setting of Washington, DC and the Museum of the Bible. Attendees will have opportunities to hear from theologians, deans of education, and relevant authors, as well as practice new concepts in small group settings with lead teachers and network with likeminded educators from across the US and Canada sharing resources and lessons plans.

Teaching the Word.
Making an impact. 

Christian Schools International has a long history of providing highly respected and exceptional Bible curriculum. The Symposium will continue to enhance the ways CSI supports our member schools in Bible instruction.

Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible is an innovative and global educational institution that aims to provide an unparalleled experience by creating one of the world’s most technologically advanced museums. The museum, which is in Washington, DC and only three blocks from the US Capitol Building, is housed in a 430,000-square-foot building and recently opened in November 2017.

Museum of the Bible also focuses on Bible engagement through a scholar’s initiative, traveling exhibits, and a Bible curriculum.

Learn more about the Museum of the Bible.


Conference Center and Accommodations:
Hyatt Place Washington DC/National Mall
400 E St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Museum of the Bible:
409 3rd St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Training Details

A two-day, intensive training in biblical instruction takes place at the Hyatt Place Washington DC/National Mall and Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. This training includes:

  • Developing an understanding of the trends in Bible instruction across North America
  • Creating a vision for exemplary teaching in Bible instruction
  • Hands-on, grade-level focused training and discussions


The CSI Bible Instruction Symposium was formed to champion and advance Bible instruction in Christian schools. CSI desires to serve our member schools by providing high-quality professional development opportunities to teachers of Bible to guide best practices in daily instruction.

The Symposium takes place in February. Dates for 2021 are to come. 

The Symposium will take place at the Hyatt Place Washington DC/National Mall and Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. Holding the Symposium near the Museum of the Bible will add to the experience by allowing teachers to experience the cultural and historical understanding of the Bible in an amazing immersive environment.

The application is open to CSI member school teachers of Bible, grades K–12, who have four years or more of teaching experience. CSI will select ten teachers who have applied for one of the following tracks: Elementary Education—Bible Instruction, Secondary Education—Theological Track, Secondary Education—Pedagogical Track.

All interested teachers must complete the application form which, in addition to basic information, asks for three references and a completed essay question.

The registration fee is $350 for each participant selected to attend.

The registration fee includes flight reimbursement (up to $500) with valid travel voucher, lodging at Hyatt Place Washington DC/National Mall, and most meals.

Rachael Heyboer

Director of Product Development